Retina A: Will I Get Any Benefit from Using Retin A on my Neck and Upper Chest?

Is there any truth to mixing Retin A with lotion? I have been told that this will increase penetration of the drug as well as provide less drying effect. Is there any truth to this? Thanks very much in advance.

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Retin-a on the neck and chest

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Yes, Retin-A can be used on the neck and chest but get specific instructions from your prescribing doctor. A moisturizer will help prevent irritation, especially in these more sensitive areas. It can be applied before or after the Retin-A micro.

New York Dermatologist

Retin A to neck and chest

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Retin-A should not be applied anywhere but the face unless you have consulted a physician in person. There are very strong Retin-A versions and the neck and chest will become severely aggravated, red, and sometimes permanently damaged by applying Retin-A incorrectly. Before you do anything like this, consult with a dermatologist for an evaluation in person!

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