Blue Viens After Breast Aguementation, Is This Normal?

I am 5weeks post ops now and I notice there are a lot of very visible blue viens around my breast area,lead to the nipples, and they also spread to my shoulder and upper arms. Is it normal? Will they go away? they look very visible as I have fair skin and very unattractive. My implants are 380cc. I want to remove them asap because they are too wide. Will the veins disappear after the implants removed? Can I remove them at week 6?

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Veins of the breast after an augment

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A breast augment will not create the blue veins of the breast but the can look more pronounced after surgery.  There is not much that can be done.  Usually after the skin settles down the appearance of the veins becomes less noticeable.  

Increased visibility of veins will spontaneously improve.

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Following breast augmentation, blood flow to the breast increases resulting in greater visibility of veins that are normally present under the skin.  This is a common and anticipated side effect that will resolve on its own usually within 8-12 weeks following breast augmentation.  Your decision to surgically remove your breast implants should be for reasons other than the temporary presence of visible veins.  Implant removal can be performed whenever you decide.

Blue Viens After Breast Aguementation

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The veins aren't new, they were always there, but after surgery there is increased blood flow for awhile so the veins are more full. That will subside.

Enlarged veins on the breast after breast augmentation will return to normal size as swelling subsides.

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The large veins are product of the increased metabolism in the tissues after breast augmentation. They will return to their normal size as swelling subsides.

Blue viens after breast augmentation, is this normal?

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The appearance of the veins can be more prominent after breast surgery, this is normal.  In time that may get better, but at the beginning due to swelling and the engorgement of the breast, the veins are more visible and usually they disappear several months after surgery.

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