Can a Gluteal Fold Be Created?

My butt has a nice shape and size but the problem is that I barely have a gluteal crease. They are almost invisible. I know that a short crease has a youthful appearance but I just wanted to deepen or lenghten these folds so that they are a little more visible.

I would prefer a permanent solution but if that's not available, could injections such as Botox be of any help?

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Creating A Gluteal Crease

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It is possible to create a new or more defined gluteal crease.  The issue depends upon the reason that you are lacking the fold - laxity of skin, too much posterior thigh fat or lack of volume of the buttock that creates the crease.  The options that exist is to add volume to the buttock through a Brazilian Butt Lift type procedure or implant, lipo of the excess fat or excision of excess skin to create or re-define the fold.  Without a photo or exam this is impossible to determine, but meet with a plastic surgeon to determine the best approach.

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Best of luck

Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

Can a Gluteal Fold Be Created?

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A gluteal fold can be created or accentuated by adding volume in fat to the buttock (BBL) above the fold or by reducing the fat in the upper posterior thigh at and just below the fold.  However, it's important not to overdo (or in some cases to even attempt) liposuction of the upper posterior thigh to prevent drooping of the buttocks.

Gluteal fold can definitely be created

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A gluteal fold can most definitely be created. This can be accomplished with liposuction or specific suture techniques. At this stage, it is best to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon. The surgeon will be able to determine if you just need a gluteal fold or if you benefit from additional volume in the butt area. Options may include fat grafting to this area which is commonly known as a Brazilian Butt lift or even butt implants.

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Gluteal fold be can be created

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Can a gluteal fold be created? Yes, it can be with superficial liposuction.

The infragluteal fold needs to be approached carefully, by suctioning just under the skin. This will produce an indentation but not make it too deep -- if the fold is too deep the buttocks collpase downward folding over the fold.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction with compression may help

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Hi Geena,

I believe that there is a solution that is permanent for you. I have corrected this problem by doing a little bit of liposuction in the area immediately under the fold and then using strong compression to encourage the skin to adhere to the underlying tissue more strongly, creating a nice fold.

Good Luck!

Thomas T. Nguyen, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

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