Burning Under Skin After Vaser Liposuction

Okay- this may be extremely premature, but I had VASER lipo on my hips/flanks/inner/outer thighs 5 days ago. My inner outer thighs look FANTASTIC - I know its early, but other than some soreness and serious bruising - they feel pretty good. The difference of my saddle bags begin gone is noticable even through the swelling. I am taking only 1-2 pain pills a day now (morning) and almost finished with antibotics. The concern: I feel a burning hot fluid like feeling when I rise from a sitting position or stretch a little while laying/sitting on ONE side in the hip/flank area. I never feel it on the other or anywhere else. When I first had the sensation, I thought there would be something oozing out - nothing. It is almost everytime I rise, or move from one position to another. I am lightly massaging all areas sporadically through out the day. I am numb/swollen as expected, but the burning concerns me. Does this sound normal? I am in compression garments up the kazoo, and they are on 24-7. I dont go back for post op for another few days, but I wanted to know if this sounded normal?

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Everything you are talking about sounds to be pretty normal after liposuctions. The nerves are agitated and regenerating it takes 6-9 months for everything got feel normal again. Make sure you follow up with your PS to make sure it looks normal.


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