Disposable Brushes for Latisse?

Where can I order more disposable brushes for latisse?

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Latisse Brushes

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There are better brushes to use than the ones that come in the box.  Purchase good quality eyeliner brushes and after each use, clean well with soap and water. 

More Disposable Brushes for Latisse?

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Thank you for your question.

Allegan does not have a way for you to purchase more disposable Latisse brushes.  You can either re-use the brushes or buy some from a beauty supply store or pharmacy.

Best wishes.

Disposable brushes for Latisse

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There are disposable eyebrushes or applicators that can be purchased at pharmacies and beauty supply stores. It is advisable to clean and sterilize the brushes if you plan to use them more than once, as it is possible to develop an infection of the eyelids. Do not touch the bottle to the brush as this could potentially infect the bottle.  Infections of the eyelid are very common so exercising caution and proper handling is recommended.

Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

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There are better brushes than the ones that come with Latisse

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Latisse brushes are fairly poor quality so many of my patients buy better quality brushes inexpensively at the beauty supply stores. It's fine to use one brush for several days.

Latisse brushes

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The packaging for Latisse says that you need to use a separate brush for each eye and dispose of them after each use. In all actuality, you can use the brushes again and again. Most of my staff members switch brushes weekly or so; one even uses one brush the entire time. There's no dispensing of "additional" brushes by Allergan, so really, just use the same brush for a few days and then toss it. You can rinse them off if you'd like in between uses.

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