I Have a Brown Spot on my Gums After Zoom Whitening, What is It?

Yesterday I had Zoom Whitening and I'm starting to notice a brown spot between my two front teeth and its sore. It looks like I have food stuck between my teeth but I flossed and nothing is there. Please help I'm getting married soon!!

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Brown spot on gums after zoom whitening

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Zoom is great to get you white very quickly for an event like getting married.  One of the disadvantages of it is that it can cause a burn due to the chemicals that are being used.  It sounds like you got a little bleach on the gum and it is sore and uncomfortable.  It will take a few days maybe longer.  Be easy on the area, brush gently and you may want to hold off on flossing until it feels better.  Any concerns, call the dentist who administered the Zoom. 

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Brown Spot on my Gums After Zoom Whitening, What is It?

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The main advantage of Zoom whitening is that many people can can a nice whitening result really fast. The key to getting results is to make sure to pick the right type of whitening for you. Zoom works really well for some people, and not well for others.

The disadvantage of Zoom is that we are using stronger chemicals to speed up the process. I'm suspecting that you got some of the whitening chemical on the gum between those front teeth. It can make them quite sore. It can also burn the skin a bit too. It can discolor the tissue as well.

Start by putting some Vitamin E oil right on the sore area. Stay away from spicy food, clean it well, but very gently. Consider taking a day or two off from flossing that area.

After doing teeth whitening for more than twenty years, i think you'll find that everything goes back to normal in a couple of days.

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