Can Botox Fix Too High Eyebrows After Brow Lift?

I have long face so one of the things I did was to lower my hairline with brow lift. I still don't have a small forehead, but eventually plan to transplant some hair another cm or 2 over the scar line.

Anyway, I think the slightly higher brow is unnatural. I see a models/actresses with low sexy brows. I want brows like Angelina Jolie, have them start low, go on a sharp slant to a point like a bat wing. I don't want to look surprised any more, want that brooding pensive look. Anyone to see in metro NY?

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High eyebrows and Botox

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After a brow lift, you will be tighter for a while. You didn't mention when the surgery was done; if the brow lift was less than a few months ago, there will be continued stretching of the skin and the eyebrows will drop more. Regardless, the use of Botox could be an excellent temporizing measure until the brow recedes further. Angulated narrow faces can be made less long by widening, in a subtle fashion, the horizontal component by the use of volumizers / fillers. Temples, cheeks and jawlines can be filled, in an off-label fashion, with natural-appearing results, but this must be repeated as they do disappear after a while, ranging from six months to a year, and up to a couple of years depending on the filler or volumizer.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Hairline lowering with a forehead lift is a bill of goods.

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Let's be frank here. With few exceptions, the notion that it is possible to make a cut along the hairline, remove forehead skin to lower the hairline, and leave the hairline scar invisible is a myth. Unfortunately the most adherent believers of this myth are the surgeons who are still messing up hairlines with this procedure. Even if the incision heals perfectly it causes unnatural compression along the hairline. You should know that hairgrafting is a pure art form. Men will travel across the country to find the right hairgafter. Don't assume that the person doing hair down the street can actually create a natural hairline!

Can BOTOX lower the eyebrows? Yes. The bigger challange is to do this without causing the forehead to fall like a stone. A careful assessment by a skilled clinician is needed.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Hyperelevation of brows after browlift

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Hyper-elevation of the brows after a browlift can be treated by injections of Botox that relax the forehead muscle. However this must typically be repeated every three months.

We now usually perform browlifts in a hair-sparing fashion and try to elevate the lateral brows more than the central brow area. I believe that our old paradigms of brow elevation are antiquated, as evidenced by a generation of beautiful brooding vampires, many of whom do not have "typical brow aesthetics".

More often, we are augmenting the volume of the brow, to avoid the bony forehead look, particularly if the brow has been elevated into the bony region of the forehead above the orbital rim.. We prefer autologous fat fascial grafts, untraumatized, for this purpose.

Many patients with your problem opt for a reverse browlift. This procedure involves dividing the deep layer that is over elevating the brow. It gives a permanent fix to the problem for patients who don't care for the necessity of repeated Botox injections.

Below is a chapter on browlifts in the textbook Mathes that addresses this question as well should you decide to read it.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Botox Injections for High Brow Placement

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It’s not unusual for patients to express concern over brow position following brow lift surgery.  In the immediate post-operative period this may be due to soft tissue tightness which can cause elevation of the brow.   In most cases the swelling resolves and the soft tissue gradually relaxes.  When this occurs, the brow gradually drops into a more normal lowered position.  For these reasons, we generally don’t recommend surgical correction for at least six months following brow lift surgery.

In the short term botox injections might prove to be effective as a temporizing maneuver.  Botox injections that selectively target the frontalis muscles can cause the brow to drop into a more normal position.  These treatments only last 3 to 4 months and need to be repeated if the brow doesn’t drop on its own.  In additions, massage of the forehead may help relax the soft tissue and help minimize swelling. 

In the vast majority of patients surgery is not necessary to correct this problem.  Massage, tincture of time and botox injections may all prove beneficial in treating this problem.  It important to discuss these issues with your surgeon, who should be able to make an appropriate recommendation.

Brows, BOTOX, and Brooding

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You certainly can try BOTOX for the effect you seek: BOTOX can work to help shape the brows and adjust asymmetry.

Careful: wanting to achieve a very specific look may be a bit over-reaching. Be sure you get some good pragmatic advice about your goals.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Botox can harmonize the face

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If there is an asymmetric eyebrow position, an experienced physican can harmonize your face with a botox treatment. 

Robert Kasten, MD
Mainz Dermatologic Surgeon

Lowering high brow

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If a brow lift was performed, presumable the frontalis muscle was treated to soften its affect on the brow itself. If the brow was jsut lifted without treating the muscle, then perhaps Botox could help lowering the eyebrows a bit.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Lowering Hairline with REVERSE Forehead Lift raised Eyebrows too Much...

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Entire volumes can be written on the family of Brow (Forehead) Lift procedures and how they have evolved since the early 1990's. Your situation highlights one of the problems with this operation - the choice of procedure (and its unwanted side effects) must be carefully matched to the patient's anatomy and aesthetic desires.

A REVERSE forehead (Brow) Lift places the incision in the hairline and pulls the scalp forward to narrow the width of the hair free forehead with some lifting of the brow. It should be used only in high foreheads and is used mostly in Men with receding hairlines.

One of the inherent problems with ALL forehead lifts is FIXATION - despite a LOT of different innovations we have yet to find a reliable way to keep the tissues fixed where we left them - they always sag. This will happen in your case as well and you will be able to see the effect in 6-10 months after surgery.

While Botox WILL drop the brows (by weakening the Frontalis muscle which lifts the brows), the effect is often a more masculine, flattened brow arch that appears tired and sometimes just plain weird. (Read my web page on Bad Botox below). In my opinion a high forehead with flat or dog leg brows looks weird and I would strongly advise you not to do it.

Personally, I think you are a pretty lady and I would advise you to leave things alone. Please, remember - you can ALWAYS end up looking worse. In the words of VOLTAIRE (quoted by surgeons everywhere :"Better is the enemy of Good".

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Look At The Whole Face

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You are looking at only your eyebrows. Your concern about a long face is valid but you need to balance it out by rounding your chin a little bit. It can be done with Sculptra injections in the area between the chin and the jowls. That will make your face look more balance and not long.

For your eyebrows, Botox can bring them down easily.


Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox can change brow position

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Depending upon the look you are trying to achieve, botox injections can raise or lower your brow position. That being said you should wait at least six months from your surgical procedure since the brows will naturally descend some. Also, I would look for an experienced injector to help you achieve the look you desire. I hope this information helps.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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