I'm 17 yrs old, size 36E. Are my Breasts Tubular?

i am 17 years old and i am not really overweight. I wear a size 36E bra but my breasts sag, droop and i have big nipples. i have no confidence and will not even consider letting another being see them. Would i be legible for corrective surgery?

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Your breasts do not look tuberous from the angle of your photo.  Even if that were the case, this is not an insurance case that would be "Covered."

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Tubular breasts

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Tubular breasts, by definition, should have a few components - 1) the fold under the breast will be higher than normal; 2) the breast base will be small with the breast being long, i.e. the length of the breast (distance from breast base to nipple will be higher in comparison to the breast base dimensions (like a 'tube); 3) the areola will be proportionately larger with some pseudoherniation.

I do think you have a small degree of tubular breast appearance. Many people equate a tubular deformity with small breasts (as well as the other components I mentioned above) - I suspect that is why many of my learned colleagues on this forum have thought that you do not have tubular breasts. Of course a clinical examination by a plastic surgeon, or at least some more photographs, including side views and basal views will help settle the discussion.

Finally, you are quite young to have corrective breast surgery - but the appearance of your breasts can be improved with judicious surgery. So please see a consultant plastic surgeon in a busy NHS unit (such as Glasgow or Edinburgh) to get some balanced advice.

Anindya Lahiri, FRCS (Plast)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Are my breasts tuberous?

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From the photo that you provided, it does not appear that you have tubular or tuberous breasts.  It looks like you would benefit from a breast lift with a little reduction in size.  After discussing it with your parents, set up a consultation with one or more qualified Plastic Surgeons in your area. Good Luck. 

Laurence Weider, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Sagging breasts in Teenagers!

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Quite often, teenager swill come to my office with sagging breast like yours without any history of weight loss or pregnancy. Your shape and size is the result of genetics and puberty. The discomfort you experience is common and understandable.

A Lejour Vertical scar lift and reduction can give you an excellent result with a lift, reduction and sexy shape with minimal scars.

Another consideration is nipple sensation and your ability to breast feed. The lejour is great on both points. Discuss with your family and then sek out a great surgeon with Lejour experience in your area.

Good Luck!

Robert M. Freund, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Not Tuberous Breasts

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It is a bit difficult to see from the photos posted but I agree that it does not look like you have tuberous breasts.  You may need a breast reduction/ breast lift once you have stopped growing.  Sometimes insurance will cover this procedure.  Ask your parents to help you do research and find a good, qualified surgeon for you.

Tubular breast

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Your breast do not appear to be tubular,although the photo does not allow me to see the breasts completely. You would potentially be a good candidate for surgery on your breasts but as to what the best treatment would be it is difficult to say with the photos here. In any case there are  a number of options , in addition you should discuss this with your parents as you are presently a minor.

Not a Tubular Breasts Deformity

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A tubular breast is all nipple and areola with a very constricted base.  Your breasts have a degree of sagging and your nipples are pointing outward.  Depending upon your height and weight you may be a good candidate for a breast reduction.   Before considering surgical options you need to be sure that your breasts are not still growing.   Allow your breast size to be stable for about one year then you may be a good candidate for a breast reduction.   You have to understand that a breast reduction can not be done without making scars.  A consultation with a plastic surgeon will help you understand your options.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Large breasts make many women self-conscious

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You are very typical of women  who consider their breasts to be too large (or too small).  The embarrassment is very common, and disappears after a good breast reduction.

In addition, you will feel physically better. Every extra pound of abdominal weight causes 7 pounds more stress on the lower back. I have never seen equivalent measurements for the breasts, but they must be similar.

Be sure to see an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

Mark B. Constantian, MD, FACS
Nashua Plastic Surgeon

Tubular vs constricted vs normal

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The best way to tell if you have constricted breasts or tubular breasts is to look at the lower breast folds.  The photo should be parallel with your nipples/areolas and should also include a photo from the side.   It is likely that you do not have tubular breasts from the photo provided but that they are in need of some shaping by a breast lift with or wothout a breast reduction.  Once the nipple and areolas are positioned properly and the breast shaped accordingly I think you would likely be very happy with their appearence.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast question

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You do not have tubular breasts and are not a candidate for corrective surgery. You might benefit from a small reduction and lift but this is not something insurance would cover if that is what you are hoping.

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