Breast is Very Soft but Not Dropping?

Hi, I had a breast augmentation 11 weeks ago. I got saline implants 360 cc filled to 380 cc, smooth, round under the muscle. I am concerned because the right seems to have dropped into place while the left is still sitting noticeably higher. The left breast is very soft, actually softer than the right and moves freely in the pocket. Is it still possible for it to drop? What could the problem be?

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Post Operative Breast Implant Positions

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I recommend you go over your pre operative pictures with your plastic surgeon because it is very possible that your left breast was higher than your right to start out with.  If so, the implants may never achieve total equality of positioning.  Also, sub muscular or partially sub muscular implants tend to drop less over time than sub glandular ones, but the saline fluid inside may be pushed upward due to muscle pressure, and given time and the use of an ace wrap over just one breast may cause the fluid to drop to the bottom of the implant. 


If the breast implant folds were similar pre operatively, then a scar band may be holding your left implant up, and time and pressure may loosen this and allow the implant to reposition downward.   

How long does it take for breast implants to settle?

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Breast implants may drop and settle at unpredictable rates. The most positive sign of the surgery is the fact that the breasts are still soft, indicating that there are no palpable signs of capsular contracture. 

Implant descent

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Each implant may respond differently in the pocket.  Give it some more time, but remember no two breasts are exactly the same.

Breast Implant Settling

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Thank you for your question.

It is common for one side to settle faster than the other side.  I would always recommend that you continue with your follow up appointments with your surgeon and follow his/her advice.

In my practice, I have seen implants continue to drop up to one year post op with aggressive massage.  You may want to ask your surgeon if this is a good option for you.

Best wishes.

Soft high implant could be the pocket

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If the implant is high and soft it could be that the lower pocket was not adequately released. It might be possible to use massage and a breast band to help expand the pocket lower, though get the help from your surgeon.

Check with your plastic surgeon

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Every doctor is different in how they perform breast augmentation.  I like to place the implants where they belong and not have to hope for settling.  This way the implant is where it should be from the start.  If it hasn't chaged in position at 3 months and it is very soft in all liklihood you will need a minor revision to lower the implant pocket.  Speak to you doctor.  Good luck, Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton

Implant asymmetry

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It can take 3-6 months for the implants to drop and settle.  If you had a pre-op asymmetry, then it may not ever be exactly symmetric even if they do drop completely.  You may want to ask you surgeon if he or she recommends any additional massages or an elastic strap to help the left one drop faster.  The good news is that it sounds like you don't have a capsular contracture.


Breast implant is very soft and high

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Thank you for the question. In general it can take up to six months before the implant finally settle. I think you have to address your concern with your plastic surgeon. You also have to follow his/her post operative instructions.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Different Dropping Of Implants After Breast Augmentation

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Without your before and after pictures, it is hard to provide you with an accurate opinion.

Nonetheless, implants drop at different rates even within the same patient. So it is important that you have a little more patience since you are at 11 weeks post surgery and your recovery process is ongoing.

Final results are not achieved before 6-8 months post surgery.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to follow your surgeon's instructions (massage, wearing specific bras/straps, etc.) to provide yourself with the best post-op ambulation possible hence a commendable outcome.


Best of wishes.

Dr. Sajjadian

One implant not dropping after augmentation

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Hi, it is common to see an implant lag behind the other for several weeks but i recommend that you follow up with your surgeon and get evaluated, since you may benefit from implant massage or from wearing a breast strap/band.

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