Should Breast Reduction Be Postponed?

My surgery is scheduled for Nov. 19, and last weekend I started feeling some sinus/ear pressure on the right side. I went to my GP on Nov. 7 and he said there was some minor irritation in my ear and back of throat (Fyi- No sore throat). I told him about my surgery date and he said just to be safe, I should take a 5 days of 250 mg Azithromyacin. I don’t have a cold, fever, runny nose or cough. I called my PS’s office, but the nurse is out today so I won’t speak to her until Mon.

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Sick before planned surgery

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Thank you for your question. If in the unfortunate circumstance that you get sick before your surgery, you may have postpone your surgery until you are better again. If you are feeling sick, I would discuss with your surgeon who may help you decide depending on your individual symptoms.  Given the time before surgery, you may be symptom free well in advance of surgery.

Sick before surgery

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It sounds like you have plenty of time to get better before your surgery and you were smart to visit your GP to ave the situation checked out.  I suspect you will be fine by the time of your surgery but you should keep your surgeon updated on your condition. Good luck!

Getting sick prior to surgery

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Of course you want to be in your best health before any surgical procedure.  In most cases as long as you are not having a fever and your sinus infection has resolved prior to your surgery you should be fine.  

Sinus issues before surgery

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Your surgery is in 8 days, and it most likely will get better. Follow closely with your surgeon so if it has to be rescheduled it can be done soon.  Good luck.

Odds are you will be able to proceed with the operation

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  Given you have at least a week to recover and the minimal nature of your symptoms I would expect your surgery to proceed as scheduled. Of course, should your situation change such as you develop a fever then your surgery date may be in jeopardy. In the interim, be sure not to take any aspirin and or ibuprofen product for your minor irritations. If you take these this close to your surgery they could lead to excessive bleeding during your operation. Tylenol is permissible however before the surgery.

David A. Ross, MD (retired)
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction and URI.

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Having a mild sinusitis or ear congestion is likely from a viral infection and would not increase your risk of complications from breast reduction surgery.  Since it is likely viral the antibiotics will probably not be benificial however your GP may have seen a reasonable reason to prescribe them and they shouldn't cause a problem so taking them is fine.  Since your operation is still more than a week away you will likely be over the problem by then anyway but even if not you should be fine proceeding.

Jeffrey Thaxton, MD
Charleston Plastic Surgeon

Postpone Breast Reduction?

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Congratulations on your decision to proceed with breast reduction surgery; it is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.

Based on your description, it is very likely that you will be able to proceed with surgery without difficulty. Of course, your plastic surgeon will need to make a final decision with you.

Best wishes.

Sinus infection before surgery

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Based on what you have said, you should be fine.  You should definitely complete the course of antibiotics that your internist has prescribed, and also let you plastic surgeon know about what has happened -- he or she may want to evaluate you before surgery.  And as long as your symptoms clear up and you don't have a fever, proceeding with surgery should be ok.  Good luck!

Should I go ahead with surgery.

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Thank you for your questions. 


Based upon what you have written it is likely that your symptoms will clear out before surgery.  Follow your interest's instructions but check in with your plastic surgeon on Monday. Your plastic surgeon may want to see and examin and you a few days before surgery to make sure it is safe to proceed.


Best wishes.

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