Full and Perky Breasts After Breast Reduction?

I am going to have a breast reduction and want them to look full or perky. I am wondering if during a breast reduction, anything can be done to maintain or increase fullness post surgery.

I have had two children and nursed both so now have very large breasts. I am afraid that after a breast reduction I will have smaller breast but that they will look less full. Also I am overweight and am concerned about the look of my breasts after the reduction, if I lose more weight.

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Perky Breasts Not Likely With Reduction Alone: Consider Staged Augmentation

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You are interested in a breast reduction and hope to have perky breasts, similar to your breasts before pregnancies and nursing. First, let's address the timing of such surgery with your intended  weight loss.  It's always better to try to achieve your realistic weight first, since the size and shape of your breasts may change with weight loss, and you would prefer that change occurs before surgery so those changes can be incorporated into the surgical plan.

Second, breast reduction obviously reduces the size of the breasts, but it also lifts the breasts to a more anatomical position, as well as reshaping them.  The problem is, is that there are no "support structures" in the breast such as bone or cartilage that will hold the breasts in that exact shape and position. Even if  reduced breasts look "great" on the OR table, they will not stay that way. There will be early settling and slight sagging and loss of upper pole fullness, despite the technique chosen. In the long term, aging, gravity , loss of elasticity, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, nursing, and hormonal changes will also have an effect on the appearance of the breasts. If you desire "perky", usually this implies upper pole fullness, and the only way to achieve this is placement of an implant. The more your breast volume is implant compared to natural breast tissue, the less sagging will occur and the more perky the breasts will appear. For patients that have moderately large breasts that desire smaller breasts but with upper pole fullness, I usually recommend staged surgery to prevent vascular compromise and to improve predictability....Stage 1 is the breast reduction/lift, and usually 3 months later, Stage 2 is the breast augmentation. Good results can be achieved. Good Luck!  jkrmd


West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

Perkiness after breast reduction

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I answered your TT question. As I suggested, you should lose weight before a TT to get the best result. Same for the breast reduction as if you lose 20-30 pounds after a reduction, you may lose all shape from the operation and look lax and loose. But realize that a breast reduction is an operation on stretched out tissues and can't give the same look of perkiness and upper pole fullness as a breast augmentation can. They are completely different procedures.

Breast reduction : full and perky

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breast reduction : full and perky
Functional symptoms (medical problems) caused by excessive #breastweight may be relieved or improved by this operation. #Mammoplasty patients will experience a more attractive contour and smaller breast size, freedom from health problems associated with excessively large breasts and improved self image.
Adding a small implant or fat grafting may make the breast more perky

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Fullness and Breast Reduction Surgery

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         When women with breast hypertrophy undergo breast reduction surgery they typically have multiple goals. These women are not only interested in reduction of their symptoms, but are also concerned about breast aesthetics.


         In the vast majority of patients who undergo breast reduction, the aesthetic results are excellent. The procedure reduces breast size, reduces areola size and lifts the breast into normal position. In most patients, this results in alleviation of symptoms and improved breast aesthetics.


         Most patients are happy with their upper breast fullness following breast reduction surgery, but over the course of time, some patients note loss of fullness in this area. Under these circumstances, placement of a breast implant may be necessary to correct this problem.


         Based on your history, I would recommend a breast reduction without breast implants. In most cases, this would give an excellent aesthetic result with your upper breast fullness. If inadequate upper breast fullness becomes a problem, a secondary breast augmentation can be performed at a later date. 

Full and Perky Breasts After Breast Reduction

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The size and shape of the breasts after a breast reduction depend upon the technique used and the amount taken and to a certain extent the overall size of the patient.  In addition, once the procedure has been performed the shape may change if the patient has a fluctuation in weight.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Reduction and Implants?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

As you have discussed,  it will be in your best interest to achieve a long-term stable weight prior to undergoing breast reduction surgery. This operation will serve to remove excess skin, adipose tissue, and breast tissue. The breasts will be sitting higher on the chest wall.

Several months after the breast reduction surgery you will be able to evaluate the results of surgery and  determine if breast implants are of interest  to you (to increase upper hole breast volume/fullness).

Best wishes.

Perky breasts after breast reduction or breast lift depends on surgical technique.

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The best breast reduction or breast lift operation to get perky breasts for a long time is the VERTICAL breast reduction (Lejour or Hall-Findlay technique).

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction and a balanced appearance

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Most plastic surgeons would advise you to be closer to your desired weight before having breast reduction. Certainly, if you lose a significant amount of weight after breast reduction, your breasts may end up being too small and some of the lift will be lost. Most breast reduction techniques shift tissue superiorly to try to achieve fullness in the upper aspects of the breasts, but it is hard to maintain a "perky" look, and some settling always occurs. If you can't lose weight, and wish to proceed with breast reduction, then your surgeon will keep your breasts fuller to achieve a balanced contour.

Michael D. Yates, MD
Huntsville Plastic Surgeon

Lose weight before breast reduction

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Loss the weight FIRST! Than consider the reduction.But remember a Plastic surgeon can NEVER guarrente the "perky" postoperative breasts. Some do, some don't. Best of luck. 

Breast Reduction and shape

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A good Breast Reduction will easily leave you with a full cup. However, if you go on to lose significant weight after surgery, then your breasts will most certainly deflate a bit. Lose the weight first, then have the reduction if possible.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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