Can I Get Breast Reduction for Free or Lowest Cost?

Can I get breast reduction for free? I have 38DD breasts at 5'5. I've had so much pain most of my life, and can't walk. I have seen a chiropractor & he recommended breast reduction surgery but I have been out of work because of my health problem of big breasts. It really seems like I would just die at home with no help at all. It's so depressing to be so small with large breasts that have now dropped so far down it's aganizing even with a bra I have pain.

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Getting Breast Reduction at a reduced Cost

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Sorry you are having pain and health issues. It would be difficult to get a breast reduction for free unless you are part of a charitable program and have a very compelling case.  I would recommend finding a doctor in your area who does free consultations and find out whether you are a good candidate for the procedure and to understand the details and possible risks of the surgery.  Your best bet is probably to find employment and eventually work out a financing plan or try to get insurance coverage if you have significant amount of tissue that can be removed.  In the meantime wear good supportive bras, and do what you can to alleviate your back/neck symptoms  (massage/stretching/chiropracter, etc.)

Ready for Breast Reduction?

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I'm sorry to hear about the problems disproportionately large breasts have caused you. I think your best bet is to prepare yourself for breast reduction surgery by ensuring you are stable in all aspects of life before undergoing this surgery.  In your description, you mention depression as well as dying at homeā€¦ If I were your surgeon I would be concerned about your psychosocial status as well as your unemployment ( and financial stability).

 I would respectfully suggest that you get these issues in order before undergoing major surgery.  When you have done so, a plastic surgical training program in your area may be your best bet.

 Best wishes.

Low cost breast reduction

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The best way to get a breast reduction at the lowest cost is to consult a plastic surgical training program in your area.  Often, they will do a surgery at a lower rate as part of traning residences.  This would not be free but this may be your best option.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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