Breast Lift Scar After Pregnancy

i have done the operation breast lift and breast enlargment ,after 6 months i discovered i am pregnant and the stiches started to became darker but now i am in the 7 th pregnancy so from the operation they passed about a year and the stiches are brown and i really am not conftable with that, i when a see my doctor and he told me that they are brown because there sould be the nipples and he told me that after i will have the baby the stiches will change .is it true?? i am really unconfortabble with my breast as they became much more bigger cos of the pregancy also

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Breast Lift Scars Change During Pregnancy

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Christina, Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!!!!

Recent breast scars (usually within 1 year of the surgery) are very susceptible to changes with pregnancy.  With pregnancy comes a significant surge in hormonal activity which can lead to weakening of the scar healing process and darkening of the scars.  Additionally, as your breast size increases with pregnancy, the scars can widen as a result of the stretching from the growing breasts.  The change in scar appearance is variable for each woman although women with darker skin tone tend to have more of the darkening effect.

The good news is that once you have stopped breast feeding, many of these changes will significantly improve or completely disappear.  Scar widening is not reversible and this can be addressed at the appropriate time.  If any of these changes remain, discuss with your plastic surgeons the options available to correct them.  Most importantly, best wishes for a beautiful and healthy child!!!

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Breast lift scars are affected by pregnancy

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Recent (less than one year old) breast incisions will be affected by a new pregnancy.  These scars may:

  1. Darken:  more common in women with medium skin tone.  Usually the darkening is temporary and reversible after 6-12 months from stopping breast feeding.
  2. "Pink up":  more common in women with lighter skin tone.  This phenomenon is due the the "reactivation" of the scar building by the pregnancy hormones, and it is completely reversible after breast feeding is  completed.
  3. Thicken:  may affect all women of any skin tone, but it is more common if pregnancy occurs in the first 6 months from surgery.  The scars may take a long time to flatten out and may remain more visible permanently
  4. Spread-widen:  this happens due to the weakening of the scar structure caused by the pregnancy hormones.  Unfortunately scar widening is permanent.

Scar revision is possible and usually very successfull after the pregnancy hormones and have settled and breast size has stabilized.

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Breast changes after mastopexy, during pregnancy

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Your breasts will go through a lot of changes during pregnancy and lactation, and darkening of the areolas (and any areolar tissue left in a vertical incision) may be visible where it was not evident before you became pregnant.  This may regress after pregnancy.  Unfortunately - or fortunately! - it is best to just wait, enjoy your pregnancy and let your breasts do what they were designed to do, and then have your breasts evaluated after you have stopped breastfeeding and the size has stabilized.  Often a revision to the mastopexy or additional surgery can be done at that time to improve the scars, size and shape of the breasts.  Congratulations!   

Mastopexy scar change during pregnancy

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Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Your surgeon is correct in that the mastopexy scars will change in pigment (and sometimes in thickness)  during pregnancy. These changes often  reverse after delivery (gradually).

It is understandable that you have concerns about the changes that may occur with your breasts during and after pregnancy/breast-feeding. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict what those changes will be. The best advice I can give you is try to maintain your weight within your Obgyn's  guidelines  (avoid severe fluctuations of weight during and after pregnancy).

Otherwise,  enjoy your pregnancy and newborn. Follow your plastic surgeon 3 to 6 months after you have finished breast-feeding.

Best wishes.


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Pregnancy affects just about every part of the body and scars are included. They often can become hyperpigmented (brown), wide, temporarily pink and other effects. Once your pregnancy is finished there are many options open for you.

Breast Lift Scar After Pregnancy

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Great question and the previous experts have addressed this very well. My advise is enjoy the pregnancy and delivery than allow recovery time to see if there is an improvement. Best of luck. 

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