Are 32D to 32DD Breast Implants Too Big?

I am 5'2, 100lbs, 32B. I want to get 32D between 32DD breast implants. Is that too big?

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Would DD implants be too large for me?

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Hi there-

You should try to stick to a goal that will look natural (if a bit large) on your body. When women have implants placed that are significantly out of proportion with their frame, the look doesn't age well, and especially in petite women like yourself the large implants make them look heavy and matronly. Not to mention the fact that larger implants are also heavier implants, and so will cause a lot more thinning of your skin and tissues over time- almost committing you to breast lifts in the future.

Please read the following, as I think it will help you understand the nuances of choosing implants for your particular body and goals:

One of the things I find most interesting is the amount of misinformation the average patient must sift through when researching breast augmentation surgery. In particular, I think that many patients become overwhelmed with implant choices and the abundance of information about these options available on the Web.

This is complicated once they contact a surgeon or two for information about the implants, and which is most likely to give them the result they desire. Somewhere along the way, opinions expressed by a surgeon are perceived as fact by a prospective patient (because of the surgeon's reputation or the apparent strength of his/her opinion), who then becomes more confused when she hears a differing opinion.

This leads to ridiculously technical questions being posted on sites like RealSelf and others, such as:

"I am 5'5", 125 lbs, my measurements are 34, 22, 36. I have had 3 babies, all by C-section, and I breast fed two of them. My breasts sag a little, but not as much as some women I have seen. I want to have a full C-cup breast. Should I get 325 cc Allergan 410 style implants, or Mentor 350 cc Moderate profile implants. Projection is more important to me than a natural shape..."

Every time I get one of these over-thought questions, I always think the same thing... ???????

Let's take a big step back from the trees here and take a look at the forrest in front of us, shall we?

Fundamentally, the reason any woman seeks breast augmentation is because she wants to achieve a certain appearance, right? Let's repeat that- to achieve a certain appearance. NOT a certain bra size, or a certain implant volume, or even a certain implant type. When you first stared to think you might want an augmentation, you didn't think, "I would like it if I could have 350cc implants"... You probably thought, "I would love to look like that (after admiring another woman's breasts)..."

So if we can agree that what you are really after is an appearance you would be happier with (as I always tell my patients), let's make the desired appearance the focus of our communications...Let us both ignore bra sizes (which are not standardized and the choice of which is very arbitrary) and implant types/sizes (for now)... Let's first understand what you want to look like. I think you would agree that if we are able to make you look the way you wanted to look, the letter on your bra and the number on your implant is lees important, right? Help me understand what you want to look like, and I can give you a very accurate recommendation of options for achieving that appearance -- provided a careful physical examination has also occurred.

Why is the exam so critical? After all, can't we just put small implants in women who want small breasts and larger implants into those who want larger ones?

The exam is critical, because for any one particular woman, there are only a few good choices of implants available, regardless of her goals, and these options are arrived at by taking careful stock of her breast tissue, skin, and frame. In other words, your anatomy will, to a large extent, help us understand the implant options that would make you look the best. This is the "One Right Result" concept. The taking of these measurements is so important, I do it myself every time, and based on these measurements and my patient's goals, then make recommendations regarding the implant options available to her (as these options would be different for different women).

While (as with any aesthetic procedure) no guarantee of outcome can be given, you are much more likely to achieve your desired outcome if you focus on communicating your desired appearance successfully with a skilled and experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon than by over-researching the implants and micro-managing the details of the surgery. In fact, I can think of no better way for you to increase the odds of you ending up dissatisfied.

So don't over-think it. Think carefully about the appearance you want, communicate it carefully to your surgeon (using photos if possible), and make sure that the implant choice arrived at by the two of you together is based on both your anatomy and your goal. You'll be happier and the process will be less stressful!

Resolution: Seek 3D Vectra Imaging

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It’s virtually impossible to answer this question without a consultation and physical examination for a variety of reasons.When choosing breast implants for breast augmentation, we’re not interested in implant size, but instead we’re interested in the appropriate implant fit.We want to achieve harmony, balance, and proportion with the surrounding anatomic structures.
It’s impossible to answer a question like this without being able to perform a physical examination and evaluate your breast size.In addition, it’s important to remember that everyone’s idea of a D cup isn’t the same, and this could potentially lead to confusion as well.
The best approach to resolve this issue is consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.In an effort to minimize confusion we utilize both external implant sizers and the 3D Vectra computer imaging system.These two systems help the surgeon understand the patient’s aesthetic goals, they also significantly alleviate the anxiety that many patients experience regarding breast implant size.

Implant size

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I use a technique called dimensional breast augmentation which involves taking in a number of factors and measurements, so each patient is unique. That being said, given your height, weight, and your activity level, along with the fact you are considering a lift, I would say you are probably not that far off in choosing an implant in that range. Best thing to do is to see a qualified plastic surgeon that has good breast expertise.

Larger implants

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Be careful what you wish for, because in the long run it may bite you back. Very larger implants are more than likley not going to be size appropriate for your frame and will cause early sagging fromt he increased weight.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Large Breast Implants

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It really depends on the anatomy and how wide your breasts are. It also means that you would have to go with high profile implants. So if you like the look of high profile breast implants then it may be possible given your anatomy.

The best way to determine how big you go would be with a good exam. Make sure your surgeon is board certified Plastic Surgeon.

Take care.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Size 32B to 32DD depends on your breast anatomy

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Going from a 32B to 32DD may be possible depending on your breast anatomy. If you have enough skin laxity to accommodate a large implant, then going to a 32DD might be possible for you. You also must consider how you will look with larger implants. I tell my patients that they may look good in clothes however, if their skin is too tight, they may not like the way they look without clothes. Also keep in mind that over time, your skin may become stretched out with to large an implant causing stretch marks and breast sagging. These can be difficult problems to correct later on. Ultimately the decision is yours. Be sure you have a lengthy discussion with your plastic surgeon, see if he/she has pictures of patients similar to your size before/after surgery and be comfortable with your decision.

Good luck.

David A. Robinson, MD
Munster Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant sizing

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The goal of breast augmentation is to provide you with an implant that fills your soft tissue without stretching it too much. Because cup sizing varies so much from one manufacturer to the next, it's hard to say if a D or DD would be too large. I would recommend that you see a plastic surgeon for an examination, at which time you can be measured and the optimal size for your tissues can be determined. This may be smaller than what you are looking for, but it will provide you with an idea of what would safely fit into your breasts. Best wishes.

32D to 32DD breast implants

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Without photos and more history it is almost impossible to guide you in the implant size direction. Yes, it is possible to use that size of implant. But is it too big for you, I cannot say. Go see 3 boarded plastic surgeons in your area. Regards from Miami.

32B to 32DD breasts

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 At 5'2" and 100 pounds, you likely have a very narrow frame.  The base diameter of an implant that fits you properly, even a HP implant may not give you a DD result even if you wanted one.  Besides that, too large an implant will have some long term consequences that you might well regret.

Going from 32B to 32 DD - 32DD is most likely too big

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Is going from 32B to 32 DD - 32DD Too Big? Most likely - yes.

The quality and naturalness of a Breast Augmentation depends on multiple factors but especially a matching of an implant to the woman's presenting circumstances. Most importantly, the current breast tissue SHOULD be covering the proposed implant and the proposed implant needs to be able to stay on the front - flat part of the chest without falling sideways. Other considerations involve the elasticity / stretchability of your breast skin among others.

If the implant is larger / wider than the overlying breast tissue, the sidewalls of the implants (with their ripples) will be seen and felt. Moreover, such large implants are associated with rapid breast sagging. If the implant is wider than the flat part of the chest, it constantly falls to the side doing battle with your arm as it moves forward.

The odds that a 5'2" / 100 pounds woman has enough breast tissue to cover the size implants (400 cc and higher) required for a natural appearing D cup augmentation are very small. In MY opinion, putting such implants in you would result in an exaggerated, artificial "booby" result.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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