Spreading Rash from Steri Strips After Breast Implants

I had breast implants almost 5 weeks ago and at 3 weeks, I started to get itchy and red around the steri strips. I had them removed a week later, and was told I was having an allergy to them. However, it's now been 5 days since they have been removed and the rash is spreading. Since being removed, little blisters keep popping. Is it normal for the rash to spread? I'm worried that I am also allergic to the implant. Is this possible?

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You are probably allergic to the steristrip adhesive

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See your surgeon, but I bet you are allergic to the steristrip adhesive. I have seen this a few times in the past. It clears up but it is debatable as to how to move it along, so it is really your surgeon's call. Definitely let any surgeons you might have from this point onward know about this before surgery.

Orange Plastic Surgeon

See you plastic surgeon

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I have seen patients who had a skin reaction either to the steri-strip but more commonly the liquid adhesive used to help secure the steri-strip (Benzoin or mastisol). The irritation doesn't go away right away after the strips are removed but it shouldn't spread significantly. I would recommend you see your plastic surgeon to let them evaluate your rash and see what treatment(s) may be needed.

Dr Edwards

Persistent rash initially attributed to steri strips

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It is not likely that you are allergic to the implants.

I would clearly discuss this with your surgeon,

You may be allergic to the suture material, dressings, garments, ointments/creams, etc.

You may also need stronger medications ot treat the condition.

There may be other explanation for the condition

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