Is a 40cc-difference in Breast Implants Size Large?

I recently got Breast implants and I think that they're too big. I've been beating myself up about it because I was originally going to get 320 cc's, but ended up getting talked into having 360 cc's instead. It's been 4 weeks since my surgery and I am in a panic! I think that I look way too big. Not only that, but I was 123 pounds, 5' 3" before the surgery and the day after, I weighed 131 Ibs. I still am at this weight and my breasts still look gigantic. Is there a big difference in 40 cc's? Is there also any chance my breasts will get smaller?

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40 cc's on your frame is not a lot

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You are too early in your post operative period to judge the final result of your surgery. You need to wait until your swelling goes down and the implants fall into normal position. Also, they will soften in time and appear a bit smaller. Many women have a very similar reaction to their new body immediately after surgery, thinking that they went too large. Most of these women end up feeling very comfortable within a few months. And remember, you have already gone through the worst part. If you want to go a little smaller in the future, an implant exchange is a piece of cake.

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Please see the other answer

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You are asking the same question twice in the same day. You really need to relax a lot! Hopefully, you have friends and or family who can support you through this stressful time of early postop recovery. Yours are not huge implants and 40 cc's is essentially nothing over the long term. Give yourself 3-4 months of recovery, do the massages the doctor has prescribed and don't think about the size until all the healing has taken place.

360 cc is not much larger than 320 cc

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One of the reasons I like to speak in cup sizes and not implant volumes is that all of this is relative. The difference you are talking about is small and you are early. Things will likely settle somewhat and look different over time.

Each patient sees her implanted breasts differently however. A discussion into this is helpful before surgery. Some patients choose what others consider really small implants after such a discussion. Most patients go the other way, but this is again all relative.

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