How to Get More Projection from Breast Implants?

How can I get more projection with breast implants? I currently have 500 cc gel silicone high profile implant, but didnt exactly achieve my goal for projection. Now I'm confused and don't know what type of implant would give me the projection I want. I'm a small D cup now, 138 lbs and 5'2". Does anyone have any recommendations for a plastic surgeon to do revision on me?

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Another thought on this

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Since you already have HP implants, the only way to increase projection and stay with gel would be to see if you have any more chest wall width into which to fit a wider bigger implant. If your width is maxed out now, you have achieved all your body will allow. Stacking implants was once done (one on top of another) but not anymore. Sometimes patients just can't have everything they might want and they need to accept that and use clothing to create more dramatic looks.

The only other way to go is to switch to an adjustable saline implant whose volume and look YOU can control for several months postoperatively until you get the result you want. In patients who want a large look it is typically harder for the surgeon to know exactly what will make you happy than in those patients who want a natural look, balanced to their bodies.

Remember a high profile saline implant will always give more projection than a similar size high pr

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Remember  a high profile saline implant will always give more projection than a similar size high profile silicone implant  due to the nature of the filler material  .

This is always an option if you prefer a very round ,ballish, fake looking breast .

How much larger than a D do you want to be?

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At 5'2" your 500 cc high profile implants put you at a D cup from what you tell us. How much more projection (and size) do you think you would like? At some point larger breast implants make you look heavier rather than enhancing your figure.

There is also a limit on how large an implant (high profile or not) that will comfortably fit in your chest and remain soft. Having said that, it is possible to go larger. Have a long discussion with your surgeon before going ahead. There are risks to exchanging implants.

Your surgeon did a good job the first time, so I am not sure you need to look for someone else. Just make sure you have realistic expectations. In our Santa Rosa, California breast augmentation practice, we have placed implants up to 750 cc in patients with your build with excellent results. Best of luck.

Balance between your goals and your long term safe surgery

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You already have a large implant. You could always get a more projecting implant e.g allergan style 45. However, this might not be what you need. Once you choose a higher profile ,your implant diameter gets narrower.

Your goals must be well communicated with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. An honest professional advice will balance between your goals and the safety of this procedure. Best of luck!

For maximal breast projection, you may need a lift in addition to implants

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Breast implants help to project breast tissue forward and increase the overall volume of the breast.

They are also used to help "fill out" breast volume that has been lost from having children (regardless of whether you have breastfed or not!) or following weight loss.

However, implants often do not address all of a woman's goals on their own.

If the aim is to achieve greater projection in addition to greater volume, a breast lift (mastopexy) may also be required.

For many women, it is necessary to "redrape the crepe" of loose, baggy skin around the augmented breast.

A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with a great deal of experience in breast augmentation and lifts can help evaluate your specific situation and guide you in the best option to achieve your goals.

Karen M. Horton, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Change Perception

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At 5'2" and 138lbs with 500cc implants you are definite not a D. A DD maybe. Remember cup size is relative. The most cost effective way for you to enhance your breast size is to change what's around them. If you are able to lose weight in your midsection it will preferentially make the breasts look much larger. I'm not saying you are over weight but toning the abdomen will change anything.

The only surgical option is go to a larger implant or if the implants you have are Mentor then change them to Allergan. Allergan implants have more projection for the same volume.

Be careful not to overcompensate

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One of the concerns I have when evaluating patients for breast augmentation is making sure a patient has realistic expectations of what they can achieve from breast augmentation surgery. Occassionaly, patients desires are unable to be achieved based on their breast anatomy.

In your case, I feel the most likely way to achieve more projection is to exchange your silicone implants for saline implants of the same size. The trade off would be that you lose the advantages of the silicone implants, which are they look and feel more natural than saline implants. Trying to put in a larger size silicone implant runs the risk of distorting your anatomy thereby ,causing you to possibly end up with an inferior cosmetic result.

I would recommend discussing your concerns with your plastic surgeon. Make sure you are on the same page in terms of what you want and what can ultimately be acheived based on your breast anatomy.

Good luck

A few thoughts on projection from breast implants

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I think you need to be careful in selecting your plastic surgeon, of course, but also in deciding whether it is sensible to undergo a revision. Based on your measurements, a 500cc HP silicone implant is beginning to push the edge of the envelope on what your chest wall, muscle and skin envelope of the breast are likely to accept without developing complications.

Some of the complications of upsizing your implants could include synmastia ("uni-boob"), outward projection of the implants underneath the armpits, or ptosis (sagging) of the implant as it drags your natural breast tissue and stretches your skin downward.

However, if you feel the need to upsize, a saline implant of the same volume (high profile) may provide you a degree of added projection. I find that cc for cc, saline implants make a breast look a bit rounder and larger. For example, a 500cc saline implant will make a breast look larger than a 500cc silicone implant. When you go in for your consultation, your surgeon should assess your skin envelope as well as determine the extent of ptosis you have, as these may be significant factors in determining the projection your augmentation provides.

Good luck.

Salines project more than silicones but there are trade-offs.

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A 500cc High Profile Saline will PROJECT MORE than a 500cc High Profile Silicone implant. More specifically you will want the end of the volume range to be 500cc. This gets confusing but you really need something in the range of a 400cc High Profile Saline implant that can be filled to 500cc at the end of its recommended fill range. These vary slightly among the manufacturers so it is important to discuss it with your surgeon. Of course, you will be trading off the benefits of the silicone implants if you exchange the implants. Furthermore the increased projection will come at the cost of the width and may mean that you have less cleavage or outer fullness.

A lot of what you are looking for depends on the technique of the surgeon.

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With high profile gel implants that are 500 cc you have most likely reached the extent of the implants ability to give you projection. A little bigger would make a little difference but not significantly. The location of the implant and the breast tissue over it now probably are more important. It seems to me that many complaints of lack of projection are really a lowering of the location of the implant. Using a textured gel implant I find you can usually place the implant higher on the chest wall and get what is viewed as more projection. Check out the before and afters of the surgeon who suggests that they can give you more projection. It may be just a problem of location of the projecting implant.

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