Soft, Moving Lump After Breast Implants

Can a breast implant have an air pocket type of soft lump that moves?

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Yes But...

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If your surgeon did not remove all of the air from the implant if is possible but I think highly unlikely.  Breast lumps are always of concern.  You must go back to you surgeon and have him examine you.  If his answers don't satisfy you see you primary care doc or Ob/Gyn.

Breast lump may need closer attention

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You did not mention how long it has been since your surgical procedure. It is possible to have air on the outside of the implant within the pocket itself. This are usually is absorbed over the first 5 to 7 days. You may be palpating a fold in the implant especially if it changes in different positions. Your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to know if this is the implant or if it is actually a soft tissue mass that needs further attention and work up.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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See your plastic surgeon

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There should not be anything inside your pocket other than your implant so I'm not sure what you are feeling. It would be best to return to your plastic surgeon so they can examine you and tell you what they think what you are feeling as a soft lump is.

Dr Edwards

Most likely a fold in your breast implant

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Sometimes in thin patients, the edge of the implant can be felt beneath the skin and as the implant moves around in the pocket, you can feel this in a different place.

As mentioned in a previous post you should have someone knowledgable in implant surgery to examine you to be sure that this is what you are feeling and not something more serious.

Take Care.

Scott Tucker, MD
Winston Salem Plastic Surgeon
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Don't know what you mean by air pockets...

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Lumps in the breast must be assessed by you doctor. Depending on your risk factors, pathology must always be ruled-out. Air pockets get absorbed quickly but cysts, small seromas, or hematomas might persist. I have had a few patient who unfortunately developed breast cancer around the time of augmentation, either incidentally ,and fortunately, diagnosed during the exam prior to augmentation or noted to have new masses soon after augmentation. Don't mean to alarm you, but please have your surgeon check this lump out.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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