Was I Given Economy Brand Breast Implants?

I am 5'4'' very slim and had very small breasts (even a A cup bra was too big for me). I wanted to be larger but natural but I was on a budget. So I went abroad for breast implants on suggestion of a friend who had had success. I agreed to have McGhan/Allergan round moderate textured profile cohesive silcone gel 200g. But when I saw the implant info/tags, they state the implants to be by Allergan BUT: CUI brand, low profile. and responsive silicone gel.

I feel shocked, cheated, and scared. Have I been given an economy brand? Is it safe? Is responsive gel less safe than the cohesive gel that I had agreed? It turns out as I understand CUI dont even offer a moderate profile, just high and low, so will I look too flat? The hospital and doctor have said they will replace them if I am not happy -- but is such a process practical and safe, having just had the surgery? Should I wait and see? Or do the ones I now have me are more likely to leak?

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Breast Implant replacement is safe if done properly

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Replacement surgery is not dangerous, but with what exactly will they replace your implants? People have the tendency to take cost into account and not always focus upon what they get for that price. I am not aware of the specifics of the CUI implants as they are not sold in the US, but you should become very informed about them as you decide what you need to do here.

Orange Plastic Surgeon

CUI Implant safety

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It is important that one considers all aspects before traveling oversea for a "discounted operation". Every country has different qualifications for being certified to perform your surgery.

CUI Implants are made by Allergan, or at least they are now owned by Allergan. If you go to the Allergan Website and you will see:

The CUI range is a more standard, round implant. They are available with the INTRASHIEL™ barrier technology, with textured or smooth surface options and responsive cohesive silicone gel. The CUI range is manufactured under the same high standards as all ALLERGAN Breast Implants; however, they don’t have the same advanced technology in terms of feel and touch, the extensive variety of sizes, or the warranty available in the full range.

The implants are safe, sterile and have been succesfully implanted in many patients. All implants have different characteristics from a perspective of the way it looks and feels. If you like the appearance and feel, they may be perfect to you. I would not have your implants removed or replaced unless their was a specific indication to do it.

You should learn more about implants

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Being secure about the product being implanted in you is yuor right in so many ways. The difference between cohesive gel and "responsive" gel is mostly related to breast aesthetics and rippling. Current USA FDA approved silicone implants have very acceptable risk profile. You can research this through either Allergan or Mentor patient education sites as well as through FDA.

You may need to find out more about your implants before making a decision.

Hope this was helpful to you.

Reza Nabavian, MD
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon

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