Under Vs over the Muscle Placement for Gummy Bear Implants?

Where is the best placement when using the gummy bears - under or over the muscle? I am 3 months pre-op for having this surgery done and at my 1st appointment the Dr. suggested that I go above the muscle.

When I had a friend just have hers done with the same Dr. and they were put under the muscle. I just hear that you get a more natural look, when going under the muscle. Thoughts?

I am a small B and would like to go to a big C, little D. I'm just not sure to go under or above the muscle. I'm still reading all I can, before my pre-op appointment.

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I usually go under the muscle for gummy bear implants


Silicone gel implants are subject to less contracture (hardening) over the long term when placed under the pectoral muscles.

"Overs" may require more surgery over the long term to deal with this problem should it arise. 

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Breast implants under versus over the muscle

There are two good reasons for placing breast implants below the muscle. The first reason is that the breasts appear more natural particularly in the upper part. The second reason is that implants placed below the muscle have a significantly lower chance of hardening with time. Unless a patient has something unusual about her anatomy that would make a better appearance above the muscle, I place the breast implants below the muscle.

Michael Horn, MD
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Breast implants under or over muscle

I do all of my implants under the muscle. I feel it gives the most natural look and feel. I also believe it gives the best long term results.

Jack Gelman, MD
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