Can Breast Implants Be Added to Already D Size Breasts to Fill out Lost Breast Tissue Instead of a Breast Lift?

I have recently lost about 90 lb which is great, but of course I now have a lot of extra skin. The biggest issue for me is the loss of breast volume. I've always had great breasts, about a size 44E or G. Now I am about a 40D or a little smaller, with 22 lb left to lose. My question is, instead of a lift, would it be possible to simply add implants to go back up to about a double D (DD)? The scars of implants are much less visible than those of a lift, and I'm hoping that would be an option.

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Restoration of breast volume after weight loss

Once the breast is large, the skin stretches under the weight of the large breasts. After weight loss, unfortunately, skin elasticity does not improve. Adding a large implant to the equation will make the lift less durable. Large breasts and the maintenance of perkiness do not coexist. I find that a high profile gel fill implant can do a nice job of filling in the missing upper portion of the breast along with a lift with an inverted "T" scar. The more skin removed, the more long lasting the lift. If you are filling the space with a large implant, it makes taking out of the extra skin more difficult as some of the skin has to stretch to accommodate the implant volume. My best advice would be to find a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with bariatric cases especially in breast. Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS

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Can Using Breast Implants in Sagging Breasts AVOID having to have a Breast Lift?

The BEST Cosmetic results are obtained when the patient chooses to have - the right Operation - by the right Plastic surgeon - suffers no complications and - follows all her surgeon's instructions At this point in time, by your own admission, you are not "the right patient. You have embarked on a weight loss regimen and will still continue to lose more weight which will further felt your body and breasts. In therefore makes NO sense to do a definitive operation on you as long asyour weight has not been stable for at least 4-6 months. If either a Breast Augmentation or a Breast Lift were done on you and you went on to lose more weight the results would suffer. Assuming your weight was now at your ideal levels, WHICH operation , Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift, should you have? Aside from being done on the breast, the 2 operations have little in common. A Breast Lift operation removes excess breast skin and repositions the perkier breast higher on the chest wall. The vector of the operation being an upward vector. A Breast Augmentation adds volume to the breast. It minimally lifts a minimally sagging breast and has a forward vector of movement. When ever larger implants are placed in sagging breasts in the false hope of achieving results similar to a breast lift, the women end up with MUCH heavier sagging breasts which in a few years usually require much more complicated procedures to remove the extra thinned breast skin, make up for loss of breast gland fill and correcting other features. I would advise you to wait until you reached your ideal weight. Then, see several Plastic surgeons and see what each recommends. You will get an honest answer by asking them what would each suggest if you were their wife, sister or daughter. If you keep insisting on getting a large implant - you will get the lousy sagging result a large breast implant produces in a sagging breast. Dr. Peter Aldea

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Nipple Location Key in Determining If Lift Necessary

The location of your nipple is the most important factor in determing if you need a breast lift or if an augmentation alone can give you the result you seek.  If the nipple is located below the inframammary fold, it is unlike that an implant will give you the result you seek; in fact, an implant without mastopexy in these situations can lead to a significant deformity in some cases.

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Breast volume and implants

More than likely if you lsot a lot of weight, even with implants added you would probably need a lift.  However without photos I could not be sure.

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Breast augmentation after weight loss

It is typical to lose breast volume with significant weight loss, and the breast can look deflated much like the abdomen and suffer from sagging skin and drooping of the nipple. If you have been lucky, the skin is firm and the nipple is still above the breast fold by several centimeters. If not a lift will be essential, despite the scar, to hold the nipple up and shape the skin envelope of the breast around the implant so they look and feel as one.

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Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Don't do it! Larger implants in larger breasts to avoid scars of a breast lift. The result is a larger & more sagging breast!

In many cases this will simply produce unsighlty larger and saggier breasts also known as the "rock in the sock" deformity. I would doubt that this is what you seek at the cost of less scarring.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Implant placement following weight loss

The best results in this scenario may not be breast augmentation.  It is an option, but to achieve the aesthetic ideal, it is not the best choice to place an implant behind a large breast.  Following more weight loss you may lose more volume.  This will lead to what appears as more droopiness.  Larger implants will go on to hasten this droopiness.  Though all plastic surgeons would like to have no scars, it is generally agreed that trading a scar for an improved shape on any part of the anatomy generally yields more aesthetic results.  Good luck!

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Breast lift with autoaugmentation works on weight loss patients.


You don't need implants.  You need a really good lift.  Look for an expert on bariatric surgery patients.

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Can Breast Implants Be Added to Already D Size Breasts to Fill out Lost Breast Tissue Instead of a Breast Lift?

as you ca read from the previous posters answers, especially Dr Aldea's (love it), You are slightly unrealistic in you expectations of an implant filling enough so not to have a lift/reduction. See 3 boarded surgeon's in person. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

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