Why is One Breast Implant Higher Than the Other and Will It Drop?

4 months ago I had a tummy tuck, lipo, lift and an implant. I was not happy with the way my breast looked the nipples were off and I didn't like the size. About 3 months ago I had my second surgery to fix the nipple issue and went from 400cc to 450CC Memory Gel. One implant is higher than the other. I think the Doctor did the pocket to high. Is this normal or do I have to get another surgery to fix this?

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Solution for Asymmetric Breast Implants

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It appears as though you have also had a WISE pattern breast lift or mastopexy which can complicate your healing from breast augmentation.  It is important to place smaller implants and perform more powerful lifts to avoid the higher unpredictability associated with combined lift and augmentation. 

When a breast augmentation and mastopexy are combined, the revision rates go up.  Many surgeons will do one first and then the other approximately three months later. However, since many patients do not want to have two surgeries, these procedures will be combined.  I make sure that I discourage my patients from going too big with their implants especially when getting a breast lift also.  The solution to your situation is to unfortunately wait and be patient. All the internal and external healing and scarring needs to soften and stabilize and then adjustments to your lift and or implants can then be made. It is not a very complicated revision and is often a success.

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Wait three months then see your surgeon

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You should probably wait about three months or so before assessing your results. Your higher breast may drop. If it doesn't, please see your surgeon again. Best of luck.

Breast asymmetry following augmentation mastopexy

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I would agree that the right breast implant appears higher but I would not advise you do any more surgery for at least 6 months to allow them to settle.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Breast asymmetry

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Without seeing all your before and afters, it is hard to comment.  Asymmetry between breasts is normal and sometimes this can be improved upon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Open capsulotomy for greater breast implant symmetry

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In all likelihood the right breast implant will not drop significantly at this point in time but it is certainly reasonable to wait another three months or so to allow things to continue to settle. An open capsulotomy on the right side and lowering of the inframammary crease should give you a better symmetry with both the implants and the nipple areola complex, and it is a relatively easy procedure to perform.

Another Surgery

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It is worth it to wait another 3months- that is a total of about six months after your second operation. Things may improve a bit to the point that they will not bother  you.

However I feel you will need another revision augmentation mastopexy to be happy.

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