Breast Implants - Ache After Exercise

Hi I had sub muscular silicone breast implants 2 years ago. I have recently been experiencing some aching on my left side.

I have been doing some pectoral exercises in the gym using weights. Could this be a pulled/torn muscle? The shape hasnt changed and there is no skin coloration. They have been great from day 1.

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Breast implants and discomfort associated with chest or pectoralis exercises

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Based on the limited description you have provided, it is my impression that this is not a matter of urgent concern. In general, however, I do recommend that my submuscular breast implant patients avoid pectoralis strengthening exercises because this can cause lateral (outward) displacement of the implants over time.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Pain late after breast implants

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This is not an uncommon thing to experience. The new exercises may be causing the discomfort by themselves having nothing to do with the implant.  Sometimes there may be some temporary nerve issues and irritations.  They generally all go away in time. 

Implants and ache

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If you have changed your exercise routine and feel sore, it probably is from the workout rather than an implant problem. If concerned see your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Muscle strain can happen after breast implants.

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Doesn't sound serious at all. In New York City, we instruct women with breast implants to do unrestricted exercises, and sometimes there is a little muscle pain.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breast implants and exercise

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It's most likely that you have pulled a muscle with lifting and that your aching is unrelated to your implants. However, if the ache does not resolve within several weeks with rest, I would recommend seeing your surgeon for an evaluation just as a precaution. Good luck.

Pumping Iron

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Dear Jane 25,

It sounds like the muscle ache is a effect from your pec exercises. As you condition your pec the soreness should resolve.

Dr. ES

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