Breast Implant Sample

Where can I get a breast implant sample?

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Implant sample

You can get a sizing kit from Allergan but in no way do the implants feel natural. They are basically small bags filled with water.

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Breast implant samples

Breast implants are regulated medical devices and as such the FDA will only allow them to be sold to physicians for implantation. Most plastic surgeon offices will have implants for display but few will let them out the door with a patient. They are hard to come by for display.

Natrelle sells a kit of 4 water bags in different sizes along with a bra with pockets. I've had one patient use the kit and it seems more confusing than anything else. I was lead to believe it contained defective implants that could not be sold but the water bags are a pretty poor substitute and the bra is pretty flimsy. You would do just as well to go buy your own bra and use zip lock bags and water or stockings and rice to make your own "implant."

Barry Stuart Handler, MD
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Breast implant samples available during consultation or pre-consultation kits are online

Before undergoing a breast augmentation, you should read about the risks and benefits of the surgery and the various implants. You can order a pre-consultation kit from where you can try various sizes, but this will not let you actually feel the real implants.

During an initial consultation, I allow the patient to see, feel and try different sizes and styles of implants so they can make an educated decision on what is right for them. Remember to consult with a plastic surgeon that is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to ensure he has had the appropriate training.

Ankit Desai, MD
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Breast implant availability

These are medical devices that are not for sale to the public, Having said that, I have occasionally seen samples for sale on Ebay. I do not know and I do not want to know how they got them. You can view samples in a surgeon's office (not for sale) and there are sizing kits available that provide imitations of  these.  See

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Where to obtain a breast implant sample

The best place to see and feel breast implants is during your consultation. Most surgeons will have implants available. We even have a display of implants in the waiting room, and have implants available to take home to 'try' and experiment with in a bra or clothing. You can also check the Allergan site and the Natrelle implants. Allergan has a kit available with a bra and saline trial implants that you might find helpful as well that they can send to you at home.

Best of luck.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Breast implant sample

As a patient you can get the sizing kit from Natrelle. Go to and click on pre-consulation kit. It is not an actual sample but does help you visualize some sizes. Many plastic surgeons have mulitple implant samples in their office and you can see the implants as well as try on different sizes. Hope this helps.

Tracy Pfeifer, MD
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Breast Implant Samples

The best way to understand your options is to read up on breast augmentation and then visit a Board Certified plastic surgeon (pick at In this way you can truly understand your options. If you want to feel implants before seeing a surgeon you will need to spend 45 dollars and order them from NATRELLE - the Allergan brand of implants - Google "Pre-consultation kit"

Good Luck.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Breast implant samples

Unfortunately, the implant companies cannot release samples to patients, only to physicians. The best way to see and feel an actual implant is to see a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area, who will have these in his or her office. The differences between saline and silicone, textured and smooth, etc. are very easy to appreciate once you see them. Good luck, /nsn.

Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS
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Most Plastic Surgeons have breast implant samples

Most plastic surgeons have breast implant 'samples' in their clinics. I use them to help patients decide what size implants are right for them...schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon. You'll be able to handle the devices and appreciate the difference in weight, texture, and folding between saline and silicone implants.

Scott C. Sattler, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant sample

You can see breast implant samples in a plastic surgeon's office. However, I do not think you can personally purchase them for private use. Regards.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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