Breast Implant Size to Get Larger Breasts Like Celebrities?

Ok doctors, I like the Breast implants I see on reality TV stars. I want larger Saline implants under the muscle.

I am 5'7" 120lbs, very slim and tall. Should I go with high profile or moderate/small and if I want to be on the larger/fuller size, what does everyone recommend? Thank you.

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Don't over think the details of Breast Implants- Your Surgeon will Make the Difference

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Hi there-

One of the things I find most interesting is the amount of misinformation the average patient must sift through when researching breast augmentation surgery. In particular, I think that many patients become overwhelmed with implant choices and the abundance of information about these options available on the Web.

This is complicated once they contact a surgeon or two for information about the implants, and which is most likely to give them the result they desire. Somewhere along the way, opinions expressed by a surgeon are perceived as fact by a prospective patient (because of the surgeon's reputation or the apparent strength of his/her opinion), who then becomes more confused when she hears a differing opinion.
This leads to ridiculously technical questions being posted on sites like RealSelf and others, such as:
"I am 5'5", 125 lbs, my measurements are 34, 22, 36. I have had 3 babies, all by C-section, and I breast fed two of them. My breasts sag a little, but not as much as some women I have seen. I want to have a full C-cup breast. Should I get 325 cc Allergan 410 style implants, or Mentor 350 cc Moderate profile implants. Projection is more important to me than a natural shape..."
Every time I get one of these over-thought questions, I always think the same thing... ???????
Let's take a big step back from the trees here and take a look at the forrest in front of us, shall we?
Fundamentally, the reason any woman seeks breast augmentation is because she wants to achieve a certain appearance, right? Let's repeat that- to achieve a certain appearance. NOT a certain bra size, or a certain implant volume, or even a certain implant type. When you first stared to think you might want an augmentation, you didn't think, "I would like it if I could have 350cc implants"... You probably thought, "I would love to look like that (after admiring another woman's breasts)..."
So if we can agree that what you are really after is an appearance you would be happier with (as I always tell my patients), let's make the desired appearance the focus of our communications...Let us both ignore bra sizes (which are not standardized and the choice of which is very arbitrary) and implant types/sizes (for now)... Let's first understand what you want to look like. I think you would agree that if we are able to make you look the way you wanted to look, the letter on your bra and the number on your implant is lees important, right? Help me understand what you want to look like, and I can give you a very accurate recommendation of options for achieving that appearance -- provided a careful physical examination has also occurred.
Why is the exam so critical? After all, can't we just put small implants in women who want small breasts and larger implants into those who want larger ones?
The exam is critical, because for any one particular woman, there are only a few good choices of implants available, regardless of her goals, and these options are arrived at by taking careful stock of her breast tissue, skin, and frame. In other words, your anatomy will, to a large extent, help us understand the implant options that would make you look the best. This is the "One Right Result" concept. The taking of these measurements is so important, I do it myself every time, and based on these measurements and my patient's goals, then make recommendations regarding the implant options available to her (as these options would be different for different women).
While (as with any aesthetic procedure) no guarantee of outcome can be given, you are much more likely to achieve your desired outcome if you focus on communicating your desired appearance successfully with a skilled and experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon than by over-researching the implants and micro-managing the details of the surgery. In fact, I can think of no better way for you to increase the odds of you ending up dissatisfied.
So don't over-think it. Think carefully about the appearance you want, communicate it carefully to your surgeon (using photos if possible), and make sure that the implant choice arrived at by the two of you together is based on both your anatomy and your goal. You'll be happier and the process will be less stressful!
For more help on how to choose a surgeon, read this:

Breast implants

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If you want to be on the larger size on a relatively narrow frame, then the High profile implants are probably a good choice. As for size, you would need to be evaluated.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

Choosing Celebrity-Like Breasts

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There is are several very widely held misconceptions regarding Breast implants and breast augmentation which your question truly highlights:

1. That by throwing our your height, weight and cup size but without an examination and consideration of much more important factors, a Plastic surgeon or anyone masquerading as one (GYN, ER doc, Family practice doc etc) can reach into his breast implant closet and pull out the ideal implant to match the breast you want.

2. That breast implants are like pieces of Lego - freely interchangeable and can be successfully placed on anyone with predictable long-term success.


The most important determinant is a GREAT looking Breast Augmentation is the amount of breast tissue (size, diameter, location on the chest) that you have to cover an implant AND the shape ON your chest with respect to the more or less flatter platform an implant can sit on without falling sideways. Placing large implants that are NOT covered results in visible pleats / folds. Placing implants that exceed the plat area results in plants that fall sideways and do battle with your forward moving arms. Placing large implants also results in rapid breast sagging and thinning of the breast tissue which CANNOT be fixed.

SO - what you see - you may NOT be able to get. IF you are thinking about a long-lasting GREAT looking breast augmentation.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

How to pick breast implant sizes.

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1) This is the most common type of question on RealSelf.

2) It is the surgeon's job to pick the right breast implants, not the patient's. Implant selection is really pretty technical.

3) Make sure your surgeon REALLY understands the look you want. Mentioning a cup size is not enough. Show your surgeon pictures of breasts you like.

4) Then your surgeon has to tell you if your chosen look is realistic for your anatomy. The most common mistake is to go too big.

5) I recommend that the surgeon NOT make a final implant choice in advance, because this is just an educated guess.

6) The surgeon should have a large inventory of different size and shape implants available in the operating room.

7) Then the surgeon can put sterile disposable implant SIZERS in your breasts during surgery, to see what a particular implant really looks like inside you. This is how to make the best choice. A sizer costs only $45, and takes all the guess work out.

8) Finally, the sizer is discarded, and the correct breast implants (based on what you want and on your anatomy) are opened from the operating roon inventory, and put in your breasts to complete the operation.

Web reference:

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breast implant size should be discussed with your plastic surgeon

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When evaluating my patients for breast augmentation surgery, I take several factors into account. These include: breast anatomy, the diameter of a patients breasts, their breast skin elasticity and the cup size they are requesting.

Taking all of these variables into account, I then discuss with my patient, the size, style (high, medium profile), type (saline vs silicone) and location (above or below the muscle) I feel would best give them the look they are trying to achieve. I will even size my patients in the office by having them put different size implants in their bra to see what they will look like. I use this last technique as a rough estimate only.

Without a picture, I cannot even begin to even speculate what would work best for you. I would recommend however, seeing a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation, so he/ she can evaluate you and discuss what they feel would work best for you.

You must also remember to take into account how you will look with and without clothes. If you go to large, you may be happy with the way you look with your clothes on but not with them off.

Good luck

David A. Robinson, MD
Munster Plastic Surgeon
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Choosing the right breast implant: high profile and moderate

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There is no simple answer to your question.The video below briefly reviews some of the many considerations in discussing breast implant issues. However, if you are asking for my first impression, your description sounds as if you would prefer the high profile because these are the implants that will be most noticeable and produce the least amount of rippling in your body type (thin and tall with minimal soft tissue coverage.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 86 reviews

Breast implant sizing by a board certified surgeon

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If you're going for the reality TV look, you are looking at a larger diameter, larger volume implant. If you are thin, then sub muscular placement would be important. If you're interested in a rounded upper and medial breast pole (a 'fake' look) then you should be sized by a board certified plastic surgeon to ensure that your tissues can handle the additional stress of a larger implant. We know from experience that implants that don't 'fit' a patient's tissues will not last as long as more moderately sized implants. Women with larger implants probably get more revisional breast surgery in the long-run.

Pictures and physical examination before size recommendation

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There are a lot of information that can be obtained during the breast augmentation consultation that helps your surgeon to reccommend the best size for you. The body structure, skin quality, amount of brest tissue, nipple position,inframmary fold postion and patients desire, all help us to chose the best size.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants for thin patients

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I'm going to guess that you're referring to Heidi Montag's breasts, which are very full and have overstretched her tissues. If you want this look, I would recommend high profile implants beneath the muscle.

However, the trade-off of such large implants is that your skin will not be able to hold them up over time, and you will experience some sagging sooner or later. This may require a revision of the breast augmentation, and may require additional scars on the breasts. I recommend seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your goals and the potential trade-offs of such a large augmentation. Good luck.

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