Do Breast Enlargement Creams Work?

At you can see lots of breast enhancement creams and pills for sale. So, i figured if amazon carries them, they must have some benefit. I'd like to go up one or 2 cup sizes without surgery. The top reviewed breast enhancer that seems to do this is the Breast Actives. The Breast Actives program is called a natural Breast Enhancement Program with exercise, supplements and cream that give you nutrients that you don't get in your diet. Is there truth that certain nutrients missing in your diet can lead to poor breast development?  If so, wouldn't these products *work* to some degree if that's the case. I mean, you do get bigger breasts when you gain weight, so it seems like theres a relationship between breast size and diet.

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Creams, pills and potions...

The reality is that no pills, creams or potions work. If one did, we all would know about it and it would be a huge runaway hit. If one that actually works is ever developed, it will storm the market and be a beyond best seller. Unfortunately this is not the case. Please save your money.

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Do breast enlargement creams work?

Breast enlargement creams will not work to increase your breast size. The only realiable way to increase your breast size is with an implant. In my practice, I also offer augmentation with your own fat in conjunction with the BRAVA device. The BRAVA device is a large suction cup that is placed over the breast to temporarily expand the skin and breast tissue. This will allow more fat to be "transferred" into the breast. I would consult with a board certified plastic surgeon about your options.

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Breast enlargement lotions and potions

Hi, thank you for this question, which we receive frequently at the office.  Unfortunately, no topical creams have been shown to reliably and permanently enlarge the size of the breasts.  These products claim that they stimulate growth of the skin and mammary glands, by using ingredients that typically behave like estrogen or stimulate the production of estrogen.  I spent some time looking at the ingredients and marketing claims, and could not find any products which had been cleared by the FDA for use, although some of the products claimed to have been manufactured in an "FDA-approved" facility, which is not the same thing.  The safety and efficacy of these products just hasn't been evaluated, so I would caution you on their use.  In addition, there is no data to suggest that a lack of nutrients diminishes breast development.  Best wishes.

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Nope, No, and Nada!

You know the old adage: If it sounds too easy, too good to be true, IT IS!!!! Ask yourself this: If all you had to do was take a pill, rub some cream on your skin or do chest exercises to get result, why would people get surgery? Taking pills and using creams to enhance your breast size is futile and it is very frustrating that companies prey on the public advertising these false products and our FDA does nothing to regulate and punish them for doing so. Patients who are afraid or can't afford surgery are their main targets and lately there has been a resurgence of reality stars on social media flat out lying about using creams to enhance their breasts and buttocks when they have clearly had augmentation surgery. This all is motivated by quick money. Please do not waste your time or put your health at risk. (Dietary supplements are not regulated in any way by the FDA.) In regards to poor breast development due to nutrient deficient, even if this were true (it is NOT), if your breasts are done developing, how would changing your nutritional intake now affect their development? The correlation to breast size and diet are due to weight gain. If you are storing excess fat, your breasts are mostly fatty tissue. Those fat cells enlarge and stretch the skin, increasing your breast size. If you truly wish to have more breast volume, save your money, do your research and do it right by seeing a board certified plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation. Good luck!
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Do breast enlargement creams work?

I wish! But there is no magic cream for breast augmentation. Make sure to go to a board certified plastic surgeon for an evaluation.

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Breast enlargement creams

Breast Enlargement creams do not work. The breast do enlarge when one gains weight and frequently decreases in size when one loses weight. But for reliable breast augmentation, see you local board certified plastic surgeon.

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Breast creams and pills to aid enhancement

Don't you think if there was some miracle cream or pill for Breast enhancement that there would be no need for implants? That is not the case and there is no such thing. Save your money and consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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If It Sounds Too Good To Be True...

The truth is that the claims by breast enhancing creams, pills, and instruments are unfounded. As of yet, there have not been any scientific studies that prove the effectiveness and safety of these "alternatives". While herbals that have hormone-like (estrogen-like) factors could temporarily firm up your breasts (their "enhancement" is more similar to the swelling during your cycle), their long-term safety is questionable.
Unfortunately, creams will not enhance your breasts satisfactorily, no matter what "program" guarantees to do so. If you are looking for at least a half cup size increase in your breasts, implants are the way to go. Breast augmentation with implants is consistently one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed each year and has a high satisfaction rate.

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Do Breast Enlargement Creams Work?

The pills, supplements and creams don't work consistently to increase breast size. The breasts can get bigger if you gain weight because a portion of the breast tissue is fatty tissue. However, pills, creams and supplements may contain natural hormones which can stimulate the breast to grow , but the growth is minimal if any. These potions are unregulated by the FDA so you really don't know what you are putting in your body. Also if these potions really worked, then everyone would be using them and nobody would be undergoing breast augmentation. 

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Breast creams

Unfortunately no. To achieve fullness and volume it is best done with breast implants or you can also consider fat transfer to the breast. Implants generally give the appearance most desire however in some cases the desired look can be achieved from fat transfer. Liposuction of an area where you would like less fat and then place that fat in the breast. Feel free to contact us at any time for more info.

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