Breast Implant Hurting on Right Side Only What to Do?

I got my implants done by a great doctor down south although I live north. I only saw him once the day after surgery. I am at my two week post op today an I have experiencing tons of discomfort under my right breast. I also notice when massaging I can move the implant to feel more comfortable or more painful. What should I do? Will wear the band help with this at all? Also I am unsure if my breasts have "dropped" they are not super high and never have been. How will I know?

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Surgery done elsewhere

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is never a good idea in my book, no matter what kind of reputation that doctor may have.  The 'best' even have their issues or less then stellar outcomes.  That being said, your situation illustrates the downside of going out of town.  I hope you have an open line to his office and can have your concerns addressed.  You are in your acute post-operative phase and your doctor has an obligation to be available to you. 

As for the symptoms, it doesn't sound unusual and should be improving with time.  Keep up the band use and massage if your doctor instructed you on it.

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Surgery from a doctor far away

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In my opinion, interviewing prospective doctors to do your surgery is like dating, and having a doctor actually do your surgery is like being married.  A whole lot of commitment on both parts.

Now you entrusted your breasts and your life to this doctor, and he worked hard to do a good operation for you, and do it safely.  Why would you not communicate these issues to him?  Nobody knows better than your doctor what was done and what might be going on with you.

Make sense?  To me, beats worrying.


Breast Implant Hurting 2 Weeks after Augmentation

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    Unilateral breast pain 2 weeks after surgery is not uncommon.  If the breast is not larger than the other, then it is not likely a hematoma.  If the pain can be made better by movement, does it feel better when pushed down or up?   Also, provide pictures for more accurate answers. 

Asymmetric pain two weeks after breast augmentation is not uncommon.

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You should contact your surgeon about your situation. Nevertheless, asymmetric pain after breast augmentation is quite.

2 weeks out from Breast Augmentation

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Pain on one side, two weeks after breast augmentation may be trouble or may be normal. Best to contact your plastic surgeon. They have much more information and can ask you more detailed questions to help sort things out. Good luck.

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Breast Implant Discomfort After Surgery

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Dear Christina94996,

Please talk to your surgeon about your symptoms and your questions. He or she should be able to help you.

Warmest wishes,

Larry Fan, MD

Larry Fan, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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