Breast Augmentation Redo - Will 50cc Make a Difference?

I had a BA done 6 months ago however not completely content w/ the size. Initially I chose 350cc silicone & immediately after felt I should have chosen 375cc. I've read it's not a noticeable difference or worth costs of a redo. I am giving myself a full year post op to determine if I content with the size or want to increase in size. Would 50cc make a difference in how round (less natural) the outcome of the breasts appear? I would like to still have the natural look. Note I was a 34A pre op.

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Increasing Your Augmenation by 50 cc, is it Enough?

Choosing the perfect implant and implant volume can be challenging when deciding on a breast augmentation.  Communication, pre-op sizing and photographs are things I find very helpful in making this determination, but sometimes your body doesn't follow directions.  When faced with this dilemma, it is important to weigh the risks and benefits. Increasing the volume from 350 cc to 400 cc sounds like a lot, but in reality it isn't much.  We all want the perfect outcome, but each surgery comes with the risk of bleeding, infection etc. and when you consider this it makes it a bit less clear.  I tell most patients that they need to make at least a 100 cc jump for it to be worth the risk.  Otherwise, you are taking a risk for not much change.  This isn't right for everyone, but still an important consideration.  Thus, discuss this with your surgeon and be honest with yourself. And keep in mind that the bigger you go - the less "natural" you'll look.  Especially with an A cup to start.

Best of luck

Vincent Marin, MD

La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Choosing a Different Implant Volume after Surgery- Ask to Look at Sizers

In general, adding 50 cc of volume will be a subtle change.  If your plastic surgeon has sizers, then you can ask to look at your current breast implant sizer, and other different sizers to see if you would be happy with a small increase to a moderate increase in volume.

Another more subtle concern is your breast implant profile.  Based on your current breast width measurements, you may need to go with a different breast implant profile if you increase volume by 50 cc.

In my office, I have a whole range of sample breast implants, or sizers.  Your plastic surgeon should be able to show you exactly what you have, along with your current breast implant profile, and also show you what a 50 cc difference would be.

Roy Kim, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Enhancement Surgery

I have found that it takes at least 100cc to make a real difference that both patients and surgeons can see and are happy with

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant Revision - Not Worth It for Small Changes

To begin with the 25 cc difference you were concerned with is less than a shot glass worth of volume (30 cc's). Your breasts will change more than this with weight fluctuation, hormones and time. Waiting a full year would be a great idea. My concern is they you have realistic expectations and realize that plastic surgery (and life for that matter) is an inexact science and art form. Focus on the big picture.

Here are some general considerations in choosing the best implant size:It is very difficult to determine the exact size and shape of implant that will fit your frame without an examination by a board certified plastic surgeon. This is because several measurements not to mention your breast characteristics are needed to determine the optimal implant size to obtain your goals. Without knowing these dimensions it would be tough to answer your question. For example your native base width of your breast will determine in many cases the maximal volume per implant profile that you can accommodate. To illustrate a 100 cc difference may make a significant difference with a narrow base width, but much less of a difference if you have a wide chest wall and wide breast “foot print”. Additional critical decisions will also be made by your plastic surgeon such as: whether your implants will be above or below your pectoralis muscle. These choices are recommended to you based on the look you desire, the amount of sagging you may have, and other deciding factors. I always find it helpful for patients to bring in photos from my or other plastic surgeons’ websites to illustrate what they would like to look like. I bring these photos to the operating room for reference during surgery so that I have the advantage of “seeing through my patient’s eyes” to achieve their wishes.
I personally order more than one set of implant sizes and use sterile sizers placed in the pocket during surgery to know in advance exactly which implant would work best for you. Software morphing programs can be helpful in some but not all cases (e.g. doesn't work well in my experience with existing implants, sagging or asymmetric breasts).
My advice is to accept advice from your board certified plastic surgeon after a formal consultation and examination with measurements.. If still confused don't hesitate to get a second opinion.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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50cc increase worth a Redo?

A 50cc increase is subtle but you should notice a change from 350cc implants. I recommend 100-150cc  increase if you want others to notice the change. 

Daniel J. Casper, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant Size +/- 50cc

I always try to put things into perspectives that people can easily visualize. 

One fluid ounce = 30cc = 2 tablespoons

A "shot" of alcohol (in the United States) is 1.5 ounces or 45cc or 3 tablespoons

Measure out 3 tablespoons of water and put in a wine glass to see how much (or not so much) of a difference that might make. 

An additional 50cc will likely not make a large difference in your overall appearance. 

William A. Wallace, MD, FACS
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant augmentation revision by 50cc: Hold off

In my optinion exchanging implants for a 50 cc size difference is generally not warranged untless being performed to correct minor breast asymmetry. By the time the swelling has resolved, I would predict that you would not be able to tell the diffference.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast size vs. breast implant size

To make a noticeable size difference from the outside you will need more than an additional 50cc. If you go that route though you will start to get to sizes that are associated with more problems and surgery down the road because gravity over time will cause drooping etc.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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50 cc implant difference

In most cases 50 cc's is not a huge difference. The projection change assuming you use the same shaped implants may increase it by 1 or 2 mm's at most.  It probably will affect the width more than anything.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Waiting for Redo after Augmentation is Good Idea``

I think that your are making a wise decision in waiting one year after your augmentation before undergoing a second procedure.  This gives you a longer period to see if you are pleased and there are advantages biochemically to waiting as well.  Having said that, I do not feel that you will see any significant change in your breast volume with only a 50cc increase in implant size.  You will probably need to increase the size by at least 100cc in order to see a difference.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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