Breast Augmentation with Prominent Sternum?

I had a consultation on Breast Augmentation. I have a prominent sternum, and my nipples are slightly to the side. I asked the doctor if it's possible to have some nice cleavage after Breast Augmentation.

He proposed to keep the Breast implants centered under the nipples, but extend the pockets a little bit toward the center of the chest, so when I put on my bra, I can have some nice cleavage. I wonder what complication this would cause? Should I still ask for a cleavage?

I want a safe BA that would cause the least complication and lowest risk possible both in the short and long term.

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Breast Augmentation with Prominent Sternum?

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Generally speaking, patients with pectus carinatum, present with a relatively prominent sternum and a somewhat laterally inclined chest wall. A well executed breast augmentation procedure may help to camouflage the patient's concerns surrounding  pectus excavatum or pectus carinatum for patients.  In your case, care must be taken during the dissection of the breast implant pockets to avoid movement of the breast implants to the sides. Select your plastic surgeon carefully and communicate your goals carefully as well. You may find the attached link, dedicated to patients with chest wall concerns, helpful to you. Best wishes.

Prominent sternum (pectus carinatum) and breast implant augmentation surgery

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Yes, it can be difficult to create sufficient cleavage in patients with prominent sternum (pectus carinatum) following breast implant augmentation surgery. Furthermore over time the breast implants tend to slide outwards and down the chest incline. In these patients, I frequently advise them to wear nocturnal support garments to minimize this tendency when supine

Breast augmentation with a prominent sternum

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It sounds as though your plastic surgeon has a good plan for you without actually meeting you in person. Breast implants are wonderful for improving cleavage while increasing the size of your breasts. There are many different ways of putting in the implants, so make sure you review this with your surgeon. Also, breast augmentation has very few bad potential complications, so you should be okay in the short and long term. Check out some before and after photos before you make your final decision. Good luck!

Breast augmentation and prominent sternum.

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In NYC, we regularly see women with your anatomy.  (it's called pectus carinatum.) And breast augmentation is safe and effective.  The operation has to be modified a little bit, but you can expect cleavage,

It sounds like your surgeon understands the problem.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Cleavage and a wide chest

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 Implants placed under the muscle will prevent further cleavage. Placing implants above the muscle may allow for more cleavage, but be careful what you wish for.  If you push to get more cleavage, you may get a symmastia, or a "uni-boob."

Augmentation on a wide chest will reduce cleavage

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Breast augmentation in the strictest sense is enhancement of the natural breast. There are certain characteristics which are present that can be softened by the process of breast augmentation, but if the chest is wide and broad and the nipple widely spaced cleavage will be reduced and there is no effective way to erase this characteristic from the breast. The implant must be centered within the breast under the nipple and any attempt to move the implant toward the center of the chest would produce a rather poor result. Also placing a still larger implant to increase cleavage also may result in a canyon effect or a deep space between the breasts which are unable to meet in the center of the chest.

It is important to accept some of the differences that make you unique and remember that augmentation is enhancement of your natural breast. Working within the limit of what your breast and tissue will do will give you the best and most lasting result.

Best of luck,


Prominent breast bone

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There's nothing that can be done about your prominent breast bone, at least nothing reasonable. You need to have a standard breast augmentation done and your breast bone will still be prominent. If your nipples point a little to the sides, they'll appear to point a little more towards the sides just as a natural effect of the surgery. Remember that the augmentation will enhance every aspect of your breasts (both good and not so good). Ultimately, you'll still be very excited about your result since the augmentation factor is no longer of concern.

You can't really place the implants any closer together if they're being placed under the muscle. You don't want him to split the muscle along the center just to satisfy you insisting on cleavage. I also don't think you should get a bigger implant to cause cleavage. Cleavage is usually something you see when someone has a bra on and it's pressing the breasts together. It's not really because of a certain style, position or size of an implant -- so you should reconsider changing your implant with that intention in mind.

You should revisit with your ABPS board certified plastic surgeon on these issues and clarify your expectations so everybody is thrilled after surgery.

A thought on Breast Aug

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In performing a breast augmentation, evaluation of the patient including the patient's goals, and the patient's physical presentation are key to achieving a successful result. With this information, proper selection of implant can be made.

It is important for U. the prospective patient to understand what happens to the implant dimensions as the size changes. Simply stated, round implants hold a volume of fluid which is either saline or silicone gel. As the implant gets larger they hold a larger amount of volume. The size that people referred to really is a volume in cc's.

As the volume increases so does the size of the implant. The 2 dimensions that may change in the implant RD projection and the diameter. As the implant increases in size, it does still mainly by increasing the diameter while to a lesser extent the projection. In some instances, between size steps, there is no increase whatsoever in the projection. Therefore it is essential to get a correctly sized implant in terms of the diameter in relationship to the size of the chest.

Therefore, it may be beneficial for you to explore with your surgeon different sized implants (different diameter sizes), to see what size would be best for your chest wall and chest configuration. I hope this helps.

How to get cleavage with breast implants

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You've asked a question that I answer commonly, which is how to "create" cleavage in someone who naturally widely placed breasts. I don't agree with dissecting a breast pocket more towards the center in order to create more cleavage -- in the end, the nipples will appear off-center, and if too much muscle is dissecting in the center, your implants could even start drifting to the other side. My suggestion is to continue using certain types of bra, after breast implants, that will help give the type of cleavage your are looking for.

Nirav Savalia, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 44 reviews

Customize your surgery

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If your priority is to achieve cleave, this will dictate a certain width and placement of your implants. Generally speaking, if your breast are shaped normally and your nipples are widely spaced, you will need a fairly wide implant to achieve cleavage. A round implant may become too tall vertically and you might need to go to a shaped implant that is wider than it is tall. Yu and your surgeon need to go throug your priorities and customize your surgery. Simply choosing a wide implant, or dissecting the pocket closer together, or choosing highrt profile implants may not achieve your goal.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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