Breast Augmentation: Possibly Uneven or Something Else?

I am 2-1/2 months post-op…I had 475cc Silicone implants on both sides. They feel great, very natural and look great in my clothes. I am concerned that my nipples are uneven, or maybe one breast is sagging……and my breast seem to be different shapes….can you please advise if you see this, what it could be, is it still too early to be concerned, can this be corrected – how? Thanks, Amanda

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Asymmetry following breast augmentation

Review of your photos seems to show that your right nipple/areolar complex is positioned lower than the left, both on your pre-operative and post-operative photos.  The distances from the nipple/areolar complexes to the folds also appears different pre-operatively, which may be contributing to your present asymmetry.  As you are only 10 weeks post-op, you may still experience some slight change in shape before your final result, and the two breasts do not necessarily reach their final result at the same time. 

While breast augmentation may make some pre-operative asymmetry more apparent, remember that two breasts are almost never perfectly symmetrical.  I would recommend that you follow-up with your surgeon to discuss your concerns and confirm that there is no other cause for the asymmetry you are observing.

Good luck.

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