2 weeks PO, is this progress normal or am I developing capsular contracture? (photo)

BA was on 1/29/2014. Style 20 Naturelle HP Silicone R/L 325cc. Is this progress normal? I'm worried, I may be developing CC, but my PS seems to think otherwise. The left (right in the picture) dropped, fuller, and is heavy at the bottom. The right is high, flat and doesn't seem heavy at the bottom. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

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Breast augmentation early post-op

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It is too early to see the final result. Each breast will settle a bit differently so give it time to settle down.

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Breast as symmetries two weeks after surgery

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Always use the advice of your Plastic Surgeon at this early time after surgery.  He or she will know best as to whether you are simply a little more swollen on one side, or whether you have some fluid on the larger side, or are you simply normal and one implant has just not dropped enough to balance to the other side.  Trust your Surgeon to assist you with these concerns.

Good luck to you.

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Problems two weeks after surgery

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I would certainly want my patients to go to myself and my staff for any questions this early post-op.  Only your surgeon knows exactly how the operation was done and he or she and their staff can give you the best early post-op advice.

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