Where Can I Find More Affordable Breast Augmentation?

I had a partial hysterectomy 11 months ago and due to hormonal changes and no longer taking birth control, my breast size has gotten so much smaller. It would really make me happy to be fuller again I am in the Los Angeles area but am willing to travel if not extremely far. I am so excited to have found this site.

I've wanted breast implants for years. Hope someone can help. I at one point was a full C small D when on pill...but now a small B again. I was also much fuller when breastfeeding. I know I like the look and confidence that comes with it.

I have read that the average price for saline implants in New Port is approx $2,500. Is this true? I am trying to save up money and looking for a great doctor that does affordable breast augmentation. Can anyone recommend a good doctor that's affordable for me?

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Affordable breast augmentation , truth about cost

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When looking at different breast augmentation prices there are many factors as to why you see different prices. Most doctors that charge more would like you to think it is because they are better trained or give you a better result. This is not the case. typically there are many factors that contribute to what a doctors charges

1)does the doctor have their own surgery center pr have to use a hospital. If they have to use the hospital this can add several thousand dollars to the cost which is passed on to the patient. The doctors that have to use a hospital will try to tell you its safer but the reality is this has never been shown scientifically and all Board certified plastic surgeons are required to operate in certified surgery centers. So those with their own centers have facilities with the same set of standards as the hospital and at times are certified by the same agency. So most Surgeons with their own surgery center pass the discount on to their patient.

2)Time in the Operating room. The less experienced, indecisive a surgeon or the fewer cases a plastic surgeon does per year the longer they will take in the operating room to perform the procedure. Thus the more they are charged by the hospital or anesthesia staff. The more specialized the plastic surgeon is with breast augmentation the more efficient he is with the procedure so the less time it take and the less it will cost. Not to mention the more they do the less they pay for the same implants. Again most surgeons should pass this savings on to the patient.

3)Experience.. the more experienced sometimes the more the Doctor feels they can demand for their services. What you should look for, is to make sure they are a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. They should also be a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery as well as a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (which is the most prestigious cosmetic society a plastic surgeon who performs cosmetic breast augmentation can belong to).

4) Lastly sometimes geography comes into play when in certain regions of the country the cost for staffing and facility are much higher than in others.

I perform over 1000 breast augmentations per year. And I am a member of the above societies as well as a member of the lead surgeons. We have our own surgery center and charge what we feel to be an honest cost of only 3000$ for saline and 4000$ for silicone breast augmentation and this includes all cost..

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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Competition has reduced the cost of breast augmentation even among the best surgeons.

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Times have been difficult for all plastic surgeons.  There have been discounts in nearly all areas of the specialty as competition has increased and demand has contracted due to the economy.  I think you can choose a good plastic surgeon and explain your budget.  I think you'll be helped.  However, in the end, make sure you use a good surgeon.  Breast augmentation can get real expensive if it's bungled by an incompetent surgeon.

Affordable breast augmentation at plastic surgery clinics.

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Go to a large teaching hospital near you. Preferably one affiliated with a University. Ask for the plastic surgery clinic.. The breast augmentation is done by plastic surgery residents under supervision. This is typically a safe and inexpensive approach.

In New York City, we train residents and fellows at Lenox Hill Hospital, and they do a lot of breast implants.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Affordable vs. Godd or Best for you

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Sorry to say that sometime or most of times affordability    in choosing implants is not a good path to go throug. For example if go with salines you may be prone to undergo many more surgeries than you are economically prepare to go through, being statistically the implant with most highest records of reinterventions.

So better prepare yourself and look for something good and lasting.

Adolfo Sesto, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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What to shop for

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When it comes to your health and safety, look for a surgeon who is highly qualified and works in a safe facility. Look for certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (A.B.P.S.) and membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (A.5.P.5.). Remember, breast augmentation takes only about an hour to perform,
but you will wear the result for a lifetime.

Breast Augmentation for less

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Couple of options - one being: financing, I recommenced contacting Care Credit or a similar well establish lending institution for cosmetic surgery. In the long run of course it will cost you more because of interest charges.

Choosing a plastic surgeon because of his/her cheap price is fraught with danger and selects in particular for non board certified surgeons often not even plastic surgeons who are advertising. One thing you might look for is an academic training center where plastic surgery residents supervised by their professors may have a "residents clinic" with steeply discounted rates. I also don't recommend going overseas as this can be even more risky. Be careful.

Probably not the time to bargain hunt for breast augmentation

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I am all for saving money, especially in this day and time. Absolutely, if you can get a good quality breast augmentation for thousands less by changing surgeons, go for it.

Unfortunately, that's probably not the case. Most surgeons are going to try to keep their prices within the same ballpark as the other practices in the same geographic area. If there's a surgeon whose price is significantly lower, a red flag should go up. It's imperative that YOU take charge of checking out each surgeon you're interviewing. Compare their backgrounds, education, experience, board certifications, etc.

If all of that compares and you're comfortable with their level of expertise, then look at price. Many practices offer some type of financing option. If done properly, you're probably going to have your breast implants a long time, and when you distribute the cost over those years, the cost difference probably isn't going to seem quite so significant.

Steve Byrd, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Be careful about choosing surgeons based on price

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Be very, very careful about shopping for a surgeon based on price. As the British author, and poet John Ruskin stated:

"There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man's lawful prey.”

Although surgeons who charge less for their services might very well still do excellent work, be certain that more experienced and sought after surgeons typically charge more. While you may be happy with the results you achieve by selecting the least expensive surgeon, you might also spend more money in the long run if that choice leads to an unsatisfying result that requires multiple procedures to correct.

If you still insist on shopping soley on cost alone, your best bet is to simply go through the list of plastic surgeons in your area at www.plasticsurgery.org, and www.surgery.org, and call each of their offices. Provided they agree to give you prices on the phone, make sure the fees include all charges such as the surgeon's fee, facility and anesthesia fees.

Best of luck to you.

You get what you pay for in breast augmentation

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You are a very pretty young lady and if you are going to have breast implants you want the best surgeon you can afford--definately a board certified plastic surgeon.

Cut rate or inexpensive breast augmentation is usually provided by doctors who are not board certified plastic surgeons or are just starting out.

If your breast augmentation is not done with skill and expertise by an experienced surgeon, your chance of complications such as a hard firm breast are increased, and you will have to spend more money to have the problems fixed.

The implants (saline) alone cost $1000.00 which leaves 1500 to cover OR charges and surgeons fees-that sound very low to me.

Top quality surgeons charge $5OOO-8000 for saline and $10,000 for silicone.

Please consult a board certified plastic surgeon and get an estimate. Explain your situation--many good doctors will give you a break.

Don't bargain shop when it comes to your health and appearance--wait and save your money and have the best surgeon possible.

Check your local university training program

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The price you quote for saline implants is extraordinarily low and is not inclusive of all fees such as implants, surgeon's fee, operating room and anesthesia fee. If it is, I would run the other direction. You might want to check with the university residency training programs that do surgery for less than private surgeons but the residents are staffed and assisted by established, experienced, private attending surgeons.

I would put cost lower on your list of priorities behind finding a surgeon you feel comfortable, can spend time with you (time is money unfortunately), answers all your questions, listens to what you want, operates in a safe and accredited facility, has a good reputation and is experienced. One complication can wipe out any savings you might realize from going to a "cheaper" doctor, especially one who will do a breast augmentation for $2500.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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