Changing forehead and hairline. Forehead is too narrow looking to widen it don't know what the best option is. (Photo)

I have a very small forehead as my hairline has a uncommon shape. I cannot stand my hairline and ever since i have started shaving it to look more natural i have felt like a different person. I am tired of shaving and want to have those patches of hair removed. either by electrolysis, laser, or plastic surgery. I know electrolysis is the best option but it just takes so long an is painful. i wanna hear if plastic surgery is a option. 

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it would be nice to see the full forehead but laser hair removal will help to shape up the hairline. if the central forehead is narrow and your brows are too close then you will need to consider other procedures to broaden the forehead.

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Widening the forehead

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Unfortunately you did not provide a general photo showing all of your forehead...but yes, laser hair removal would be particularly effective, and then adding a filler on the sides of the hairline will make your forehead look wider, and thus younger.  

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Forehead and hairline

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Dear Changing Forehead and Hairline:

Thank you for submitting your clinical concerns and problem. Indeed, it is a difficult one. The problem with laser hair removal in the forehead is that the hair follicles are very deep and large. They reside in the subcutaneous fat, not the deep dermis, and most lasers – the long-pulse YAG, the 810nm diodes and the 755nm alexandrites – will not be successful in removing this deep, embedded scalp hair. Flaps that can be elevated to ablate the hair follicle from the deep site are generally only moderately successful. Your best bet, even though it’s slow, tedious and painful, is electrolysis. Until some other, more definitive treatment arises, selecting a great electrology centre and focusing on careful radiofrequency ablation of the hair follicles without leading to pinpoint hypopigmentation should be your commitment.

For more information, please review the link below.

I hope this information has been of some assistance and best of luck.

R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D.
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