Will Going Braless Cause Ur Implants to Sag After a Long Time?

I heard that u don't have to wear all the time after u get implants but would that not cause them to sag sooner? Or will it matter much?

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Going Braless After Breast Augmentation

The skin and soft tissues of the breast lose their elasticity as you get older, just like the rest of your body, so a certain amount of sagging is inevitable no matter what you do. The question should be: what can you do to minimize the amount of sagging over time? The answer is to wear a bra during the day. Large breasts, or breasts with implants, have weight and the heavier the breasts, the more they will be subjected to gravity and be prone to sagging. The best way to counteract the effect of gravity is to support your breasts with a bra. Going braless occasionally is fine but it should be the exception, not the rule.

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Breast Implants, will going braless can sagging?

Going braless on a regular basis, particularly when working out can definitely contribute to sagging. As my wife says to our breast augmentation patients "Protect your assets"

Michael Law, MD
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Bra Provides Support

Wearing a bra helps supports the breasts so they don't sag. Sagging is something that can happen sooner with the additional weight of the implants if you don't wear a bra. 

Bras and Breast "Sagging"

Unfortunately, time and gravity are not our friends;  common sense tells me that the use of supportive bras will help  prevent “sagging” as much as possible.

Best wishes.

Having a breast augmentation in order to not wear a bra is unrealistic

Certainly, ocasionally going braless if fine after an augmentation but if you want to hold up the result best over the longterm, it stands to reason that wearing a good bra most of the time is intelligent.

Going Braless after Breast Augmentation

It is okay to go braless occasionally, but the" girls" need support to prevent gravity's stretching and sagging effects.

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Breast Augmentation

Within reason going braless intermittently should not be a problem.  More frequently, however, time plus weight plus gravity will cause sagging.  I hope this info helps.

Ronald H. Stefani Jr, MD
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Sagging Implants

Depending on the size of your implants and your body frame, the added weight can accelerate sagging if not supported on a regular basis with a bra.  However, if appropriately sized implants were placed, then this is less of an issue.


Good Luck.

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Going Bra-less helps augmented breasts sag quicker

RE : " heard that u don't have to wear all the time after u get implants but would that not cause them to sag sooner? Or will it matter much?"

The breast a a sag-prone organ. Despite all the care in the world the beautiful, perky breasts of a 20 year old will not bed there at age 50 because no human has ever beaten Gravity and aging. Similarly, gravitational pull is greater on heavier objects. As such, heavier / larger breasts will sag sooner than lighter, non-weighted down breasts. Put another way, an augmented breast will sag quicker than a non-augmented breast.

As a result, using a well fitted bra will help you combat gravity. The longer you wear it, the longer you will put off the inevitable sagging.

Dr. Peter A Aldea

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Going Braless Will Accelerate Sagging

Going braless will accelerate sagging in both augmentaed and unaugmented breasts.  It is simply a matter of gravity.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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