Braces due to come off and my teeth are still a mess. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have clear braces on and my dentist says there due to come off next month,one is still twisted and the others are all different lengths.My two front teeth we're overlapping however I still feel that one tooth could be pushed back a bottom teeth are all different lengths.My dentist says she's achieved what she needs too.what are my options ?can I sort the teeth at the bottom being different lengths?Will they look better with the braces off, everyone says there straight but there not

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Goals for Orthodontic Alignment

The objective is after orthodontic treatment is that the teeth are in ideal alignment, often times the edges of the teeth can have discrepancies that may need to be addressed by cosmetic adjustment of edges of the worn teeth.  Rotations of teeth should be corrected with the clear braces.  I suggest that your Dentist or Orthodontist answers any concerns you have before the completion of your orthodontic treatment.   

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Dissatisfied with results of your braces

If you're at the tail end of your treatment  you've probably got a very good indication of what your teeth will look like once the braces come off and if things don't sit right with you and your dentist or orthodontist is not taking your concerns seriously it's wise to get a second opinion before those braces come off. Another dentist can make recommendations to help you get your smile where you want it to be. Good luck!

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Express your concerns to your dentist / orthodontist before braces come off

Before your braces come off, I would express your concerns to your dentist or orthodontist.  If your dentist or orthodontist does not answer your concerns, you could seek out a second opinion, preferably with an orthodontist.

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