No Bowel Movement After Lipo

Hi! I just Power-Assisted Liposuction done yesterday. The doctor and staff were just awesome! However, I'm a little worried about my bowel movements, since I haven't had any since the night before the surgery. Is this normal?

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Constipation, no bowel movement, is common after cosmetic plastic surgery

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For several reasons including "dehydration" and narcotic analgesics, constipation is very common after cosmeetic plastic surgery. We generally advise patients to take stool softeners and laxatives after surgery

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Constipation after Liposuction

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Yes it is perfectly normal to not have a BM after surgery. The anesthesia and narcotics (pain meds) considerably slow down the gastrointestinal tract. Stay on a light diet, liquids or soft foods, move around, and wean your pain meds. You can also start an over the counter stool softener like Colace. If there is no improvement in several days, use a glycerin suppository. 

Constipation after liposuction

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Stress from the procedure, concern of pain from straining, pain medication, lack of fluids can all contribute to constipation. Increase fluid intake, and you can safely take over the counter stool softeners, increase your fiber content with bran and fruit and try to walk a little rather than sitting or lying around. If your system doesn't return to normal in a day or two, see your primary care doctor.

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