What Percentage is Fat in Collection Container of Bodyjet?

Wondering if 500 cc of the container on a Bodyjet Lipo Machine are filled....how much of those 500cc are just fluids/fat?How does the Bodyjet container compared to the traditional Tumescence Lipo Container when the procedure is done and you look at the contents? My PS made it sound like the Bodyjet has more pure fat in the container than fluids, so 500 cc would be almost completely fat.

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What Percentage is Fat in Collection Container of Bodyjet?

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When you use the body jet, you use and remove a lot more fluid.  We usually record only the amount of fat we removed after it has separated.  Therefore, if the 500cc was the amount after it separated, then it is all fat.  If 500cc was the total in the canister, only about 20 - 30% is probably fat.

Body Jet and Fluid

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Body Jet definitely uses more fluid in the process of removing fat. Fat and fluids separate rather rapildy in the early post op process.The Fat floats to the top.

Body Jet Lipo uses more fluid than tumescent lipo

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A lot more fluid is collected in the main collection canister of a Body Jet unit because the unit uses large amounts of water solution to remove the fat.  However, if the Body Jet unit has been fitted with a Lipo Collector, then the content of the Lipo Collector canister is almost exclusively fat solution with minimum water.


  1. In a standard Body Jet canister unit, the percentage of fat in the content will be somewhere between 20 and 30% maximum
  2. In the Lipo Collector canister inserted before the standard canister of the Body Jet unit, the fat fraction will be about 95% or higher.

The Lipo Collector is generally used if the fat fraction is being collected for Lipotransfer, or JAFT (Jet Assisted Fat Transfer).

Mario Diana, MD
Plano Plastic Surgeon

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Bodyjet lipo uses a lot of fluid

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Bodyjet lipo uses a jet of water to dislodge the fat.  It shoots water into the body while suctioning it out at the same time.  It is very effective in removeing fat but does use a lot of fluid.  A larger percentage of the aspirate is water vs fat than in traditional liposuction.

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