Blurry Left Eye After Lasik?

Have you experienced a change in your vision after Lasik? My left eye is blurry and I am wondering if this will change.

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Blurred Left Eye After LASIK

Mild blurred or fluctuating vision in one eye is not at all rare in the first few weeks following Laser Vision Correction(LVC). In my Maryland office we see post op LASIK and PRK patients on day one and then 2-3 weeks and 8 weeks postoperatively, so we have ample time to hear about this and act on it if there is any concern. Typically, though, the blurred vision is caused by mild inflammation and will resolve within the first 2-3 weeks. Obviously, there could be something else going on, so you should either see your surgeon or contact his/her office to discuss this. In the long term, I would not be too concerned about this, though.

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Blurry vision can be caused by many different reasons

You did not mention how long after surgery the vision is blurry, whether is was clear and now has become blurry, whether it is clear with corrective lenses, and whether it is clear or blurry at distance or at near. It also depends on what type of procedure you had and how bad your eyes were before the procedure.

If you are only a short time (days to weeks) past your procedure, this may be a normal healing response. It also may be from something simple like dryness of the surface, or there could be a more serious cause to your blurriness. I would ask your doctor why your vision is blurry and what the plan is for your situation. Typically patients have a series of post operative visits and this is a good time to have your questions answered. If your vision has suddenly changed, then call your doctor and ask for an appointment to evaluate your condition.

Jon Dishler, MD, FACS
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Blurriness After LASIK

The answer really depends on a lot of factors. If you recently had LASIK and your vision is still blurry then it is likely it will improve. If your vision was clear after LASIK and is now blurry that is not normal and you should be seen right away by your surgeon.

Michael K. Tracy, MD
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Blurry vision after LASIK

You don't say how long post-op you are. If you're within 2-3 months of surgery, your vision is still potentially changing. Be patient. If still blurry at the 3 month mark, it may be appropriate to discuss whether a touchup procedure will help. Speak with your surgeon about this.

If it's been a while since your LASIK and your vision has become blurry, best to see an ophthalmologist (or even your original surgeon if possible) for a complete exam. You may have a return of some refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism), in which case a touchup might help. Or, you may have an entirely unrelated reason for blurred vision, such as cataract, retinal troubles, etc. Only with a thorough eye exam will you know for sure.

Gary Kawesch, MD (retired)
San Jose Ophthalmologist

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