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I went to the Lasik ctr in paramus nj. they quoted me a price of 4,500.00 as my eyes are -3.75 and -3.50 they told me it goes by eye weakness and strength. Is this a good price. I'm a single mom of 2 w lil support and want to do it but just dont want to spend this kind of money. i dont mind wearing my glasses tho. can anyone recommend a good dr in my area. my zip code is 07508.

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LASIK surgeon price in New Jersey (anywhere, actually)

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Try not to select a surgeon based on price. These are your eyes. The best surgeons are not always the most expensive ones, though in general, experienced surgeons do tend to charge more than inexperienced, or "hired-gun" surgeons who work for a large corporate center.

A good resource to find a surgeon is the International Society of Refractive Surgery ( Most surgeons listed are dedicated to the field of refractive surgery.

Also, consider asking your primary care doctor (internist, family practictioner, OB/GYN) who THEY would go to. Be careful in recommendations from your optometrist. They MAY refer you to the best surgeon, though they may be referring you to the highest bidder in a scheme known as "co-management," where they get paid from the surgeon to do your aftercare.

When you see a surgeon, make sure you are comfortable with them. But remember, you're not marrying your surgeon. Bedside (chairside, in this case) manner is important, but when it comes down to it, you want someone who is skilled, confident, experienced, and who has excellent clinical judgment. Also, consider asking the surgeon who else in the area is good. If you live in a large metropolitan area and the answer is "I'm the only good surgeon around," look elsewhere. They're not being honest.

For wavefront LASIK , a typical fee here in California for a reputable surgeon ranges from $1800-$2800 per eye depending on the laser used and how the flap is created (all laser vs. a blade).

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