What's the Blood Test Before Smart Lipo For?

When they do blood tests before Smart Lipo what do they look for?

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Preoperative blood tests

 Preoperative blood tests are often performed to assess the health of the patient. This can vary from a pregnancy test,  a complete blood count, coagulation profile, electrolytes, liver function studies to name a few. Each test can provide different information.

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Blood test for SmartLipo

Preoperative blood tests are routine for anyone undergoing surgery. Chances are, your doctor is not testing for something specific with regard to SmartLipo but rather just to make sure you are not anemic and that your electrolytes are normal (for anesthesia purposes). If you have more concerns, just ask your surgeon. Good luck!

Dr. Singer

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Blood tests for laser lipolysis

Blood tests are particularly important prior to general anesthesia.  If the procedure will be performed under tumescent local anesthesia, blood tests can be very limited or not even necessary.  Typically when blood tests are performed, testing is to rule out anemia or blood clotting disorders.

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Blood or lab tests before surgery

It often depends on where you are having it done and you current health. Blood tests can be done to screen for anemia, electrolyte imbalance, pregnancy, etc.

These tend to be more important when undergoing general anesthesia.

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