Why Am I Bleeding from my Vagina After Abdominalplasty and Breast Aug?

I just had surgery 6 days ago. I had ended my monthly cycle just days before the surgery so I am not due for another period in over a month but I started bleeding today like a full blown period. Should I be concerned? Is it from the steroids I was taking or maybe the compression garment is squeezing things to tight? My period is very regular and this has never happened to me before.

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Vaginal Bleeding after Mommy Makeover

It is not uncommon for the stress of surgery to cause change to the menstrual cycle.  I would call your plastic surgeon though to share your concern and ensure that they do not desire any further testing or evaluation.

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Surgery can trigger alterations in menstrual cycle.

Aberrations in the menstrual cycle triggered by surgery are not uncommon. Nevertheless, report this to your surgeon.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Why Am I Bleeding from my Vagina After Abdominalplasty and Breast Aug?

The stress of anesthesia and surgery can alter a patient's menstrual cycle, and this is not uncommon. I doubt any relation to compression garment. 

All the best. 

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Vagainal bleeding after TT

I  have  many  patients  that   have   referred  this    same  phenomenom after  surgery . the   body    enters   under   stress  time   that     can   have   different  hormonal  reaction    reponse    wiht  changes of timing    cycle    of    period ,       some    people     just    present    amenorrea( abscense   of   period ),  for    1 or  2 months     or   having  it  twice  in   one  month . it   regularized  itself ,  without no medication ,    should   tell this    to   your  PS ,   just  to be   sure   is related  or  associated   with    this    changes .

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Stress of surgery may trigger period


Thank you for the question.  This is not my area of expertise but I have had patients describe a similar phenomenon.  I think it may be possible to have a change in your period cycle after surgery.  We know that stress can increase or decrease the cycle timing.  I suspect all is well and your cycle will return to normal as has occurred for my patients.  If it does not you may want to have your gynecologist evaluate you.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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