Rip in Pocket Surrounding Breast Implant

Is it possible to "rip" the pocket your silicone implant sits in? I have under the muscle silicone implants for 8 years. No problems. During exercise (aerobics) I felt the a rip inside my right breast. I would swear the pocket the implant is in has torn. It is very sore. Possible?

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Rip in Pocket Surrounding Breast Implant

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Itis possible you accomplished what is called a closed capsulotomy or tore an internal fibrous band. Inform your doctor and get examined.

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Capsule issue

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It sounds like you  may have torn your capsule around the implant.  Maybe it was tight before and you did not realize it. The best solution is to get examined by your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Capsule tear after breast augmentation

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The pocket around the implants is a scar capsule, and it can tear although this is rare. Years ago, with the old silicone implants, capsular contracture was common and it was often treated with what was called a "closed capsulotomy" which was basically squeezing the breast until the capsule popped. As you can imagine it was painful and is no longer recommended. There should not be any long-term problems however. Another thing to consider is that  a large part of the capsule is adherent to the muscle, and a muscle pull could produce the same symptoms.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Traumatic tear of implant capsule

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While it is extremely rare for an implant capsule to tear after many years, it is possible.  Sometimes this can result in some displacement of the implant and deformity  of the breast.  Bleeding around the tear, resulting in a hematoma, can also occur, though if this had happened to you, you would definitely have known it shortly after the incident.  You should see your plastic surgeon for an evaluation.

Bruce E. Genter, MD, FACS
Abington Plastic Surgeon
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