Big Buccal Cheeks After Ultherapy?

I am an asian female 50's with high cheek bones and strong jaw lines with hollow lower cheeks. After a couple of hours of the ultherapy treatment yesterday(first time), my buccal cheeks were becoming fat. Today my lower face looks so fat and squareish jaw line with little chins. and my buccal cheeks look just like chipmunks holding nuts on both sides of cheeks . Is this normal and a temporary look that could be expected or stay like this permanently?

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You are experiencing normal post-procedural swelling. Most people do not become as swollen as you are describing, but everyone is different.

Sleep at a 45 degree angle, gently massage your face to promote lymphatic and venous drainage, ice your facial skin for 5-10 minutes a few times an hour and soon your swelling will subside.

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Ultherapy related swelling

The timing of the swelling suggests procedure related soft tissue swelling and can be reduced with all of the suggested treatments and the use of bioflavonoids and anti inflammatory agents like ibuprofen and bioflvonoids. 

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Swelling after Ultherapy

Most likely this is merely post procedural swelling which should improve within a few days. Head of bed elevation, cool (not ice directly on the skin) compresses can help. If you are still concerned, you should contact the office where it was performed. Good luck.

A. Joshua Zimm, MD
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