Best Makeup and Process for Covering Post-Fraxel Repair Redness?

At the doctor's office they said to use a yellow based foundation as my skin is very fair. On the make-up websites, I see that green foundation/concealers should be used to hide redness. I asked about this and she said green foundation/concealer/mineral powder is used to hide red in photography and not used for everyday makeup. Any advice on this?

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Make Up Consealer Following Laser Treatments

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Hi Boston Girl,

The best concealer that my practice has found to be valuable to my patients after their laser treatments is Liz Iredale Mineral Make Up line. The treatment is individualized, and the patient satisfaction is extremely high. Good luck and be well.

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We use ColoreScience Mineral makeup at our office.

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We use the ColoreScience Mineral Makeup at our office after laser procedures, but it will be a challenge early on to get any makeup to work. Usually it takes about a week to get anything to stick on all that well if you have done a re:pair procedure or any other that actually damages the skin layer. In various stages of recovery you may have different needs, but this answer is from our estheticians who actually do the cover up on our patients:

Green is used for dark or blue red, such as a port wine stain, but that is naturally not what you are talking about here.

Yellow is used for lighter redness.

Mint Condition is great for darker redness.

Yellow Rose of Texas can also be used as a great finishing brush for clients with rosacea.

Good luck and hope it goes well.

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