Fraxel Repair on Surgical Scars?

Can Fraxel Re:pair be used on surgical scars? When (post-surgery) should one begin undergoing the procedure?

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Fraxel Repair is effective for surgical scars

Several clinical studies have confirmed that lasers can significantly improve the appearance of both surgical and traumatic scars, and acne scars. These include studies using pulsed dye lasers and fractionated lasers, like Fraxel. Clinical studies suggest that the earlier the treatments are started, the better the results, and this has been our experience when using these devices. We often combine the pulsed dye laser and the Fraxel when treating these scars. 6 weeks after surgery is a reasonable staring point, but this can be best determined at your consultation. Don't forget, surgical scars will continue to change for 2 years, and sometimes longer after your operation. They may get better, or they may get worse. We have seen dramatic improvement when using these technologies. Take care, Dr. Groff

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Fraxel laser both repair and restore are used in our NYC practice to resurface surgical scars

Since the days of dermabrasion, surgical scars have been resurfaced to improve their appearance when needed.  Nothing can erase a scar but resurfacing of some scars with Fraxel CO2 (Repair) or erbium (Restore) can either lead to a better end result, or at least lessen the time needed post-operatively to have a better-appearing scar. Some scars need different treatments, though, and the doctor should evaluate the characteristics of the scar to determine which is the best treatment. Some scars are spread, white or red, some are raised, others have a groove or a crease and others have one edge higher than the adjoining edge. An ideal time to resurface scars is approximately two months after surgery, but I have treated younger and older scars with good results and each case is evaluated separately.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Fraxel Repair and Restore can both be used to improve appearance of scars

Fraxel treatments on be used on scars to improve the appearance. A series of treatments will likely be needed. Fraxel Repair and Fraxel Restore can be used. Fraxel Repair is a more intensive treatment requiring more down time and recovery time. With Fraxel repair, the result can be seen after only 1 treatment. Fraxel restore requires several treatments to improve scars. Consult with your doctor to determine which treatment is best for your particular situation.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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Fraxel for Surgical Scars

Hi tgp,

Both Fraxel technologies can be used to treat surgical scarring. They both will likely require a series of treatments. Fraxel re;pair is more aggressive, goes deeper into the skin, and requires more wound care, and downtime if the face is treated.

I use Fraxel re:store about two weeks after the removal of sutures from surgical scars. I use Fraxel re:pair for more mature scars in patients who want the most aggressive treatment. Fraxel re:pair can also be used on new surgical scars but at low settings.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Scar improvement can be at times difficult. No one therapy works well on every scar. Lasers may work well on scars with vascular markings, but wide scars more frequently benefit by scar revision. I have seen a fair number of patients who spent thousands on laser treatments and ultimately came to getting the improvement they desired from a simple one stage scar revision.

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John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
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I prefer Fraxel re:store for surgical scars.

Fraxel works very well on surgical scars. We use it all the time in our office. However, I think that the Fraxel re:store is better for this then the Fraxel re:pair. The re:store does not cause as much tissue damage of the fragile scarred skin. The re:pair is a deeper ablative laser. We have had excellent results and very happy patients using the Fraxel re:store.

Kari L. Colen, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Fraxel Repair works on scars

I have done Fraxel Repair on an old scar on an upper lip area, with great results. This was a mature scar of a few years. See the before and after photo here. I don't have experience on new scars, but these are usually easier than the more mature ones.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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