​I have a black eye and increased wrinkles after Belotero & Juvaderm, is this normal?

I had belotero injections under my eyes and Juvederm Ultra injected to "lift" up my cheeks 3 weeks ago. I now sport a black eye that looks more like the hollow of my eye has blackened vs. a bruise from being hit. I also have more wrinkles and the bags that I wanted to originally disguise are still there. Went to Dr. She told me to wait 2-3 months for more possible filler to correct it or I could have it removed and was warned that I would look worse than before I had anything done. Is that a normal time period?

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Bruising after filler

the situation you describe certainly can happen and though bruises occur they minority of the time they certainly can happen and when they do they may last a week or more so plan filler especially around the eyes accordingly.  Likely the Juvederm that you had injected to the cheeks and midface lifted the area enough to enhance the tear trough area where I assumed your Belotero was injected.  Waiting and giving things time is almost always a very good idea and if this only occurred 4 days ago at least give yourself a few weeks before trying to correct at either by melting it with hyaluronidase or correcting it with more filler.

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Black eye and increased wrinkles after Belotero & Juvaderm, is this normal?

Bruising and swelling can occur after an injection of a filler to the cheek and lower eyelid area.  

However, there is less of a risk (and severity) for these issues if the surgeon uses a cannula rather than a needle.  Think of a cannula as a needle but blunted at the very tip, therefore it is less sharp and less likely to cause bleeding and therefore bruising.  It is also considered mush safer to inject filler around the eyes with a cannula rather than a needle.

Although there is no photograph to determine the best treatment for you, the best solution for eyelid bags is typically a lower blepharoplasty, because fillers like Belotero and Juvederm can often make the bags look worse in some patients.  The fillers attract water creating a more puffy appearance.  

The bruising will improve with time but a KTP laser or an IPL treatment can hasten the resolution of the bruise.

I hope this helps.

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