Can Belotero Be Used in Crows Feet Without Migrating to the Lower Eyelids? Also, Can It Be Used in Cheek Hollows?

I had Juvederm under, and around, both eyes for crows feet. It migrated to my lower eyelids causing severe wrinkling and swelling, as well as wrinkles all under, and around, my eyes. It really lumped up and caused horrible discoloration. I finally had most of it dissolved after two months of trying to find doctors to treat me with Hyaloronidase. Can Belotero be used to fill crows feet without the danger of migration to the lower eyelid region. Also, can it be used in cheek hollows?

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Belotero for the eye area

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Belotero is the ideal injectable for the under eye area.  I prefer Botox for the crow's feet.  If Botox is injected properly in that area there would be no need for a filler. For the mid-face, Belotero would not be the idea choice since you need volume.  Sculptra or Voluma would be a much better choice for restoring volume in the mid-face.

Can Belotero be used in crows feet and cheeks without migrating to lower eyelids?

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Belotero like Juvederm is a humectant,  and they both absorb water from your tissues and expand. Belotero will expand less and therefore may be better to use in superficial fine lines around the eyes.  Belotero can be used in tear trough areas as well and causes less swelling. But It should still be placed deep if using it in tear troughs for best results. Your previous experience my have been injector related as well as the choice of the product.

Belotero for crow's feet and cheeks

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Belotero can be used for crow's feet, but it must be injected superficially in this area.  Juvederm and all of the hyaluronic acid fillers, including Belotero, should not migrate once they are injected.  Belotero could be used to treat cheek hollows, but I wouldn't recommend using it there as it is fairly short lasting.  There are better products like Radiesse and Sculptra that could be used that would produce longer lasting results.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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