How Long for Belotero to Settle?

How long does it take for Belotero to "settle" under the eyes? Thanks.

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How long for Belotero to settle?

The settling, or final effect from Belotero, can take several days.  If the product is injected superficially into line or wrinkles, it may take a little longer to settle in than if it was injected more deeply.  

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Belotero injections in Los Angeles

The injections of Belotero are appropriate for thin skin.  It may take a few days for residual swelling and bruising to resolve with Belotero.  I have found the product to be very positive for patients in my Los Angeles practice. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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How long does it take for Belotero to settle?

As with all injections it can take a few days. Every case is different, depending on location and depth and what trauma occurred. Give it a week, then see your provider in follow up if you have any concerns.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Time frame for Belotero to settle

Some initial swelling can occur with Belotero or any facial filler actually. And although it does sometimes depend on the area and the depth of the injection, it should settle with no problems within several days. “Dr. D”

Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
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Belotero Results

Belotero, like any facial filler, causes some initial swelling that may take several days to subside.  Since Belotero may be injected very close to the surface of the skin, some patients will experience more swelling than others.  Typically, you should expect this to take several days. Eyelid skin is very thin and swelling can be more significant in this area.  

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
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