Dent in buttock caused by Kenalog? (photos)

I just noticed a dent in my buttock today and it is freaking me out. I have been reading several articles about Kenalog causing tissue loss and I had one about 4 months ago. Could this be the cause? Is there a way to stop it progressing or to reverse it? What would be my options to repair it if it does not heal itself or gets larger? Please help. Thank you.

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Sculptra for buttock indentations

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I would recommend that you consider surgical fat grafting or Sculptra to help fill in the indentation.  The advantage of Sculptra is that is a quick office-based procedure and the recovery is very easy.  I would visit with a plastic surgeon who has experience with Sculptra for off-face regions of the body who can help you with your concern.

Kenalog fat loss

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Kenalog injections can cause tissue atrophy, including thinning of the skin and fat loss.  Fat can be injected into the area to improve the depression.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Dent in buttock caused by Kenalog?

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It is true that kenalog injections can cause some deep natural fatty tissue loss at the site that it was injected at. This is not always predictable. There are other causes however for contour irregularities including a hematoma. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon. Treatment may consist of further fat transfers.

Buttock depression

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Kenalog can cause the fat to dissolve where the injection is.The dent you have after kenalog injection is due to fat necrosis. Wait a total of six months to make sure all the effects of kenalog is finished. Then can consider fat transfer to the dent. May need more than one session of fat transfer

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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