Can I Take Anything Before Smart Lipo to Help with the Results

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Medications before liposuction

Be very careful about what you are taking before liposuction. You are wise to be asking, rather than just to take the pills.  Non prescription, over-the-counter medication and herbal products, may interact with the tumescent local anesthetic metabolism thereby increasing the level to a dangerous point, so be sure to ask your surgeon.  Even if you finish the course of pills prior to the liposuction, you may have a long lasting effect and could affect the anesthetic's effect.

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Medicines before liposuction - we use Vitamin K and several others

We use vitamin K for up to 2 weeks prior to SmartLipo to decrease any tendency to bleed/bruise.  Additionally, we use an antibiotic prior and during the recovery. 

If your surgeon hasn't gone over these, please make sure you address this.  While they may not use the Vitamin K, they should have at least a few medications prior or after surgery and it is best to be informed and have them ready when you come to the facility the day of surgery.

Additionally, you may want a sleeping aid as that makes the recovery and night before more pleasant.  Good luck!

Joel Schlessinger, MD
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